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Comics - Angel is Cursed Again - Ign.com Review

By Hilary Goldstein

Tuesday 22 March 2005, by Webmaster

The vampire with a heart of gold sets out to free his soul.

March 22, 2005 - It’s been nearly a year since the final episode of Angel and the little vampire that could has nary been hear from since. That’s about to change as IDW Publishing has signed a long-term agreement to produce new Angel comics for the foreseeable future. First up is Angel: The Curse, a five-issue miniseries kicking off in June.

Written by Angel veteran Jeff Mariotte with interiors by Italian artist David Messina, The Curse sees Angel heading to Romania in search of the Gypsy clan that cursed him more than a century ago. Angel discovers the clan is being oppressed by a warlord and it’s up to the one good vampire in Romania to kick some ass and save the clan that gave him back his soul in the first place.

"Fan response to the announced continuation of Angel’s story in comics form has been amazing," said Mariotte, who also wrote The Angel Casefiles Vol. 1. "While this miniseries won’t answer all the questions remaining from the show’s final episode, it will provide plenty of Angel-ic excitement while we all wait together. David Messina’s brilliant artwork brings my script to life in a very dramatic way that Angel fans will love."

One thing that’s well-known about Angel is that he loves variant covers. That must explain why so many are planned for this miniseries. Issue #1 features covers by Igor Kordey, Tim Bradstreet and Ben Templesmith. Issue #2 has John Byrne, ChrisCross, Kelsey Shannon and Roger Robinson doing exterior artwork. Too good to be true?