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Countdown to Serenity: Firefly, Episode 6

By Chris Thilk

Tuesday 30 August 2005, by Webmaster

"Our Mrs. Reynolds"

In one of the funniest moments of the series Mal goes undercover as Jayne’s wife on a covered wagon when it’s ambushed by crooks - or, you know, other crooks. After they dispose of the bad guys the crew is treated to a party by the town they’ve helped, where Jayne gets a rainstick and Mal is singled out by a pretty young lady. The next morning Serenity takes off and Mal is surprised to find that very same young lady aboard the ship, claiming to be his wife. Mal for once is completely speechless.

When Zoe finds out about this she calls the entire crew to the cargo hold, where the reactions of everyone really have to be seen to be believed. The mysterious woman starts crying, which Kaylee says he does because he’s a monster. Wash just seems to having fun with giving him marriage advice and Inara is visibly shaken by this. After Mal consoles her a bit she tells him her name is Safron. Right after that Book meets Mal in the hallway where he gives him...let’s just say he gives him some advice.

But that’s just the beginning. Wash irks Zoe over his reaction to Safron making dinner for Mal. When the captain goes to Inara she treats him with extreme hostility. The best, though, is Jayne offering to trade his favorite gun, "Vera", to Mal in exchange for Safron. Later that night Mal enters his room to find Safron naked and in his bed. She’s ready for their wedding night but Mal doesn’t want to take advantage of her. She eventually kisses him, followed shortly by him passing out.

She then moves on to Wash and tries to seduce him. Being a good guy who loves his wife (and is very very afraid of her) he demures, only to have her knock him out and lock him outside the bridge, which she commences trashing. When she tries to escape she bumps into Inara, who - to the delight of TV audiences everywhere - Safron also tries to seduce. Inara’s not buying it though and after a brief struggle Inara goes to find Mal, kisses him and also passes out.

When everyone comes to they make their way to the bridge where they find Safron set them on an irreversable course to who knows where. Seems they’re headed to an electro-magnetic net that will disable the ship and kill the crew. After a bit of planning the figure out how Jayne can use Vera to short out the trap and of course they escape. Afterwards Mal goes to visit Safron, where he confronts her. Back on the ship Mal asks Inara why she passed out but goes away thinking she kissed Safron and not him. It’s a beautiful moment.