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From Bronze Beta

D. Goddard & D. Fury - At The Bronze Beta

Wednesday 5 February 2003, by Webmaster

Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

RD says: (Sun Feb 2 00:20:38 2003

Hey it’s a Little Willow... long time... hope you are ok. you going to PBP?

would speak more but if you read my very early morning post you know i’ve been up all day... and catching a cold/flu to boot...

so it’s off to nap land, but will check in on the old L.O.S.E.R.S time!

take care, RD

^ RD says: (Sat Feb 1 13:57:53 2003

old but not dead guy: happy B-day. ummmm how old.. lol... you don’t have to answer that. cause i wouldn’t.


^ RD says: (Sat Feb 1 13:39:23 2003

Happy Birthday to:

Deadguy, lilith2000, Morby , Ramoth, Daniella, Zoe-Ella, TaraAnyaKate4eva, & TVJames !!

TVJames- wow, haven’t heard that name in a while, a special happy to you!

ok.. g’night.

^ RD says: (Sat Feb 1 13:28:24 2003

here’s a excerpt of an email i just sent a friend:

alex is such the sweet kitty. always thinking about me... she just brought me a present: a live rat. i was sound asleep and heard her come crashing through the window... "here alex, come to sleep" i say. then nothing... then dottie(my dog) starts growling... so i say "stop it dottie"... she keeps growling.... i say "leave alex alone" then alex jumps up on the bed.. dottie growls really loud. so i turn the light on and there sits alex, a rat in her mouth- which she just drops... "here daddy, i brought you breakfast".... the rat runs off the bed and behind the fridge. imagine waking up to that at 4:00 a.m.!!! well, needless to say with the help of alex, and my machete we manage to chase it out the door nearly 20 minutes later...

ok.. back to bed and sleep i hope.


^ Drew Goddard says: (Sat Feb 1 06:02:44 2003)

Hey gang,

Can’t stay and talk, so save your "Sweet Drew Goddard, I bow at your knee and worship your every move-s" for another time. Just wanted to do a quick drive-by because I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that spoilers are bad.

Now, I know I’m not saying anything new here. I’m realistic. Let’s face it - those of you who read spoilers aren’t going to stop just because I tell you not to. So I’ve decided to come here and make you all an offer. Here it is:

Anyone who can remain spoiler-free for the rest of the season - all the way through the finale - will be immediately and passionately French-kissed by me.

That’s right - I will French-kiss anyone, woman or man, who can avoid spoilers for the rest of the year.

Ho ho. How does that sound? May want to think twice before clicking on your spoilerslayers or your cross-and-stakes or your whatevers now, won’t you?

I mean, ol’ U. D. is gonna French-kiss the hell out of you if you’re good. That’s a sweet deal. I mean, it’s just five months, spoiler-free…

And seriously, I’m an awesome Frencher. And for the rest of your life, you’ll be able to tell everyone we Frenched.


Now, I know I’ve been off the radar for a while, but they’ve been working us hard here in the coal-mines, so please forgive me. As soon as I’m done working on this script, which should be next week sometime, I’ll be back for a good round of Hose Down the Slip-and-Slide (what the hell does that even mean? Sorry - it’s late.)

But in the meantime, the offer’s on the table. Hey - if you want to look at spoilers now, it’s up to you, but man, you’re gonna be missing out.

To my Minions, well, I love and treasure you all. I honestly don’t tell you that enough. You know… come to think of it… I don’t give you enough free stuff either. In fact, let’s have some sort of contest. Dachelle, do you want to judge a contest for me? I’m thinking a "Praise Goddard" Contest. The rules are as such: the object of the contest is to praise me in the best way possible. Entries can be in the form of a song, a poem, a sculpture, a t-shirt, a painting, an interpretative dance… really, the sky’s the limit on this, okay? Whatever the hell you can think of. Top three entries get a bunch of cool Buffy stuff.

We’ll figure out the logistics of it all next week (Dachelle, I’m gonna get a hold of you next week anyway - sorry it’s taken me so long.) But in the meantime, start thinking of those entries.

I like this contest. It celebrates the very spirit upon which this group was founded in the first place - praise and worship of me. Ol’ U.D.

And don’t forget about that French-kiss deal, either. How ’bout that? Tonight’s turning out to be real sweet for everyone involved. Real sweet, I tell you.

Don’t doubt the clout.

Ultimate Drew

http://www.cise.ufl.edu/ hsiao/media/tv/buffy/bronze/20030202.html

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Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:18:35 2003)

Well, bless you, Irishrose. And to everyone else. Keep watching the skis.

(Never tire of that one.)

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:16:45 2003)

Amarra - We christened the boy that. How could we be jealous?

Besides, some of us carry our "ultimate" deep inside. We don’t need to parade it around like others. We’re secure. Oh, yeah.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:14:04 2003)

Okay, really should get back to work now. Glad you guys liked "Awakening." Hope you like "Salvage" as well.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:12:35 2003)

Thanks, Mar. I assure you Drew and I are doing quite a bit of suffering. So we’ll try to share the feeling. ;-)

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:11:11 2003)

1cham - Well, c’mon over and audition, mate. Bring some Fosters, lobster tail and shrimp, to sweeten the deal and you’re in.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:09:34 2003)

Princess of Darkness - I was a DeKnight groupie when you were just a Lady-in-Waiting of Darkness.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:07:27 2003)

Um... what word, littlexander? :-)

Hey, Tamz. Uh... Not planning any LI trips for a while. Pantless or otherwise.

And by the way, I was pantless way before DeKnight. That was MY gig. Just sayin’.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:05:15 2003)

Hi, darcie.

meg - what’s up is the WB has little regard for the continuity and momentum of the show. But why should they be any different than the real networks.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 22:01:33 2003)

Muchas gracias, danielgm86. Happy you enyoyed. Always feel like I’m babbling inanely on those things. ’Cause well, I am. But if there’s entertainment coming through, couldn’t be happier.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:59:41 2003)

Yesm Kessie. He got it. I and others signed it. But tell me... What’s the significance of the dancing monkey?

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:57:17 2003)

slayerdaddy - Angel 13 "Salvage" airs on the 19th. Then Buffy 17, as I just indicated. Then Angel 21.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:56:00 2003)

kathypg - That would be myself and Ultimate Drew Goddard. I will have the honor to direct.

I was going to write it myself, but we’re days from shooting and I hate working that hard. Besides, the chance to work with the God-man. Couldn’t pass it up.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:54:09 2003)

I expect you’ll have a pretty full house this year at the PBP. Lots o’faces. And some bodies.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:52:19 2003)

Bulleseye -As this will probably be the last one, I wouldn’t miss it for the world, mate.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:50:38 2003)

Joel — You’re gonna have to ask better questions than that. (Not that I’ll answer them, of course.) ;-)

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:49:39 2003)

And hello, Mar.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:49:04 2003)

No coffee for me, thanks, Nikka. I’m trying to procrastinate and a cup of joe might make me more productive.

^ Fury says: (Sun Feb 2 21:44:42 2003)

Hello, Bronzers... Long time, no post.