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From Ifmagazine.com

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - About "Bones" Tv Series - Ifmagazine.com Interview Part 2

By Carl Cortez

Wednesday 14 September 2005, by Webmaster

Profile: DAVID BOREANAZ DIGS UP BONES AND LOOKS AT ANGEL - PART 2 Sexual tension, character quirks and old, dirty bones are all the rage on Fox’s new procedural drama

Tonight, BONES makes its debut on the Fox Network where David Boreanaz plays FBI agent Seeley Booth who teams up with a forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) to solve crimes by digging through bones.

Today, iF was the second part of its Boreanaz interview discussing the sexual tension between the two characters on the show as well as his thoughts on the future of Angel.

iF MAGAZINE: Are you careful in all the decisions you make with the character, since you could be playing him for the next seven years?

BOREANAZ: I throughouly do everything I can. I look at all angles, so I know when I’m done or if this show is off the air after 13 episodes, it’s a success in my heart. It doesn’t have to be a success out there to be a success for me. They have an order for 13 episodes, I do one at a time, I give everything that I have and that to me is what makes me happy.

iF MAGAZINE: Will Seely and Temperance ever get together?

BOREANAZ: They respect each other’s work highly and respect each other and regard each other, but there is just that tension. I think we all remember Moonlighting and how they got into bed. You never remembered what crimes they were solving. And to me that’s interesting. On Angel, the banter was really with a bunch of demons. On Buffy, it was with Sarah, but it was more of an intense brooding kind of relationship. There was a lot of torment and angst. And with Angel she wasn’t there, so I really didn’t have a female to go toe to toe with per se.

iF MAGAZINE: Of course, you have to be careful when that moment happens.

BOREANAZ: Well, when that moment happens, the show is over and I’m on to my next job.

iF MAGAZINE: You did a lot of indie films last year. Was it fun to do a bunch of character stuff like that?

BOREANAZ: These Girls is at Toronto in the film festival and it was a great character to play. Mr. Fix-It allowed me to do another great character. It was a great opportunity to do a lead in a film. The Hard Easy was great to work with some amazing actors — old school guys like Bruce Dern. I think it was perfect for a year of doing that. I love to work. I enjoy story and collaboration and for me to get back to an hour-long series, it had to be collaboration. It had to be an understanding that I’m part of this from beginning to end. It’s people who want to work with. It’s reminiscent of when Buffy started out, how blissful it was and exciting it was and everybody is there and that’s very rare. When you see that, it makes life much easier.

iF MAGAZINE: If Joss Whedon decides an ANGEL movie would you do it?

BOREANAZ: If it’s a major motion picture, yeah. If I get too old and somebody else wants to it, sure, I don’t care. I really don’t care. I would consider it, but it would have to be on a great level. It would have to be huge.

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