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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - "Bones" Tv Series - November 2006 Blog Update

Wednesday 29 November 2006, by Webmaster

On Location Downtown LA

We・re on episode 11 right now. This one is the 9th day of shooting which usually takes 8 days. It・s a great episode, with David Duchovny directing. Ryan O・Neil is also on the show playing a priest, and I believe Kathy Reichs makes an appearance as well. So it・s been an overall great experience creatively with everybody. It・s great to know we have two more episodes before we have a little break.

Today we・re shooting a scene on a rooftop where we discover a burned body that・s been strung up like a scarecrow. Of course Bones and Booth go on with their banter and continue where they left off with the last episode.

Fantasy and Family Update

Fantasy Football has been very good to me so far. I lost the other day by 20 points in the NFL league. I think I・m 4 and 3 in one league and 3 and 3 in the other, so it・s been somewhat of a disappointment. I・ve been busy taking care of things with the family and getting ready for the holidays. Jadon had a great Halloween; it was fun to see him dressed up as The Flash. The numerous amounts of Halloween decorations are still littering the house, soon to be replaced with Thanksgiving decorations. Otherwise weekends are spent pretty much hanging with the family. I love spending time with Jamie and Jadon, watching football, soccer, and ice hockey.

Back to the show

So we get back on the air tonight. It・s good to be back on the air. We have some fantastic shows coming up. You・ll get to see a lot of vulnerability between Bones and Booth, a lot of insight into their past lives, and why certain things have happened. We・re really making strides in finding the show and what it can be. Potential has become the reality, which is exciting to see. It・s really good to watch the growth of the show.