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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - "Bones" Tv Series - Metro.co.uk Interview

Friday 21 December 2007, by Webmaster

Actor David Boreanaz is best known as the crime-fighting vampire Angel who debuted in Buffy The Vampire Slayer before having his own spin-off show. Grumpy Dave doesn’t like talking about it, though; he’s all about his new detective show Bones, in which he plays FBI officer Seeley Booth. Bones finishes its run on Sky tonight, with a new series starting in February.

What is the appeal of police crime scene shows like this?

Ours is a little bit different from the others, it’s not all about the procedural level. For me, it’s all about the characters. The procedural stuff is secondary, but a lot of people like that. I can’t shut it out, even though I’d like to.

Isn’t all the dialogue about the dead bodies a bit of a chore?

Not for me, that applies to people who play the scientists. Sometimes I have to recite FBI jargon, which can be annoying, but I just write it on the desk. I know what I’m talking about subtextually, but I don’t really care about the other s***.

You’re a producer on the show now. What difference does that make?

There’s more emphasis on the character and storyline. I pride myself on my character. It hasn’t really changed my approach because my passion has always been invested in the show. The responsibility is to the character and how it develops.

What’s it like doing all your scenes with co-star Emily Deschanel?

It’s a lot of work because we’re in every scene together, but that’s what drives the characters. I like that. It enhances the chemistry.

Do you get sick of the sight of each other?

Oh, yeah. We drive each other crazy and tell each other so. There are days when we show up and don’t get on too well, but we use it in the scenes.

How do you annoy each other?

I’m constantly poking her shoulder and getting under her skin. I think it’s part of my job. She’s very opinionated. I could be talking to a director or producer and she’ll put her two cents in. It’s annoying and I’ve told her about it, but she keeps on doing it.

Why did you want to be an actor to begin with?

I enjoy the escapism and the exercise of emotion, of getting things out that you might have experienced the day before, or a month ago. Those are the things I use in my subtext.

When did you realise you were any good at it?

I still don’t think I am. I keep fooling them, but as long as the pay cheque clears I don’t mind.

What was the first acting job you got?

The sitcom Married With Children when I was 23. It was pretty scary, but the other people in the scene messed their lines up first, which helped my confidence. Before that, I was just doing plays and commercials.

What’s the worst job you’ve had?

I worked in a posh sports club for a couple of days. I got fired when I kicked a door down. I kicked it down because the key wasn’t working.

Were you tempted to become a weatherman like your dad?

No. My dad just reads the weather, he isn’t exactly a ‘weatherman’ like a meteorologist. He started in radio and had his own talk show and now he reads the weather in Philadelphia.

After the critically derided slasher flick Valentine, would you star in another horror film?

Yes, if it was psychologically correct. When I did Valentine, it was a studio picture and it worked in my schedule, I only had a few weeks to shoot it. It was a great experience.

Did Buffy fans send you any weird presents?

No, they didn’t. Any fan is a great fan to have.

Was it frustrating to play one character like Angel for so many years?

No. [Mumbles something].

What’s the best thing about coming from Philadelphia?

That Floyd Mayweather Jr kicked your boy’s ass the other day. [Actually Mayweather is from Michigan].

Did you watch the fight?

I didn’t need to. I was amazed by how delusional you guys were thinking that Ricky Hatton had a chance against Mayweather.