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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - "Bones" Tv Series - He blogs from the set !

Sunday 3 September 2006, by Webmaster

An unfiltered look behind-the-scenes straight from the set of Bones.

Bones Currently

Believe it or not, we’re already in episode six. We started shooting that a couple days ago. The episodes are getting a little bit absurd as far as the humor is concerned. We have a gentleman who comes in from the state department at the beginning of this episode and he’s a very, very small man. Bones automatically begins attacking him. It’s pretty funny, the absurdity of that character, him being the head of the state department and what not.

We have four locked shows that we’re really proud of. The network is very happy, the studio is very happy. We finished episode five, where I got a visit from my girl Jessica who plays the mother of my son; and there might be something going on with me and Cam, so it’s a pretty crazy episode that we just finished. Four is the episode with the serial killer which will hopefully be a B story line going on throughout the show. He’s a really great addition as far as a B character story is concerned. So I’m working hard, it’s Friday, I’m hungry, and I’ve got a lot of work to do... and the microwave bell just went off.

Other ongoing things

I try to stay in balance with my family, with my four-year-old son and my wife. We try to do things on the weekends. You have to get ready for the weeks ahead, so I structure out times to work on the weekends with a coach to help me with the scenes I’m working on for the upcoming week. It can be very stressful, but you have to maintain a good sense of humor and maintain a good sense of focus and just kind of go through the day with a smile, and it somehow all ends up working out.

I just started up the whole fantasy football league so that’s always a good stress relief for me. I draft again September 3rd. I’m in two leagues. Also, we just got into a house in Park City, so we’re doing a lot of remodeling. I really enjoy wrapping my mind around remodeling and retooling. Stuff like that always helps. I’ve also been doing a lot of swimming and baseball with Jaden.

Aug 10th 2006

Average Day On Set

An average day in my life right now is, well, busy. We’ve just finished episode 4, starting episode 5 on Monday. So every time you come to the end of an episode and start a new one there’s always a lot of issues, things that come up, new lines to memorize, it’s just kind of the hour-drama dilemma, because it takes 8 days to shoot an episode, and on the 9th they have either the second unit or the start of a new episode. It’s always like a domino effect, but as far as the season is concerned, it translates itself from what it was last year to a whole new beginning of what it is this year. It’s a 10-fold transformation compared to last year. It’s more streamlined, darker; we get into Booth’s past with the mother of his child, Parker, who is played by Jessica Capshaw. We find out about Cam, this new forensic anthropologist that comes in who’s kind of the head of the Jeffersonian, and I have some history with her. There are all of these triangle pieces that are going to be put together. Booth is going to find himself with a lot of the past creeping back in, including lost love relationships with these women coming back into play. And of course Booth’s connection with Bones is first and foremost.

New challenges

It’s a challenge with the writers always coming up with stuff that is new and interesting for the character. It’s great that they are tapping into the character driven stuff and keeping the procedural through-line. With me it’s more about the relationship with Brennan, how I nurture that, where it can and can’t go, so it’s an interesting process

Daily rituals

I always maintain my workout schedules. I balance life with my relationship with my wife and family which is the most important. That’s the sanity, that’s the reality; this other stuff is all a big circus and really doesn’t mean anything.

This Week

Shooting a scene, it’s a big walk and talk on the lab platform between Booth and Brennan. We’re talking about a serial killer named Howa

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