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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - "Charmed" Tv Series - To guest on May 2006 ?

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Webmaster


While You Were Orbing (2006)

Original Air Date: May 2006 (Season 8, Episode 21)

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Romance (more)

Episode Credited cast:

David Boreanaz .... Inspector Jason Jackson
Drew Fuller .... Chris Halliwell

8 Forum messages

  • Not true.

    This is just another troll sending in false info. Then it spreads.

    This epsiode is under lock and key. No sides, no script yet. Tvguide’s AA only yesterday Confirmed that Leo would be back(something IMDB does not have up), the real title of the ep and anything else. Don’t you think if Db were guest starring he too would spill that.

    Plus Charmed would not have the budget for DB, he would be filming his own show’s final eps and the have wrong the other guest star, who has not even been talked about being in yet.

    Bogus, by some fan who is trying to make waves.

  • I sure hope not becasue I’d hate to see David in that aweful show.
  • Shows how much you know .... It ain’t cancelled .... It’s just Over like Buffy ....
  • True, the actors and producer said they weren’t coming back since the contracts were all up after season 8. But, the CW did make an announcement that they weren’t going to renew it either. So technically, it was cancelled, even though everyone associated with the show, like with Buffy, said it was already over.
  • Funny, I like Charmed. Never watched Angel, though - didn’t seem to be much fun.
  • That’s pretty cool, charmed has kind of lost it’s touch, but i still watch. If that’s true i can’t wait to see david there. And fyi, who ever said the thing about charmed getting cancelled, isn’t true. They decided to end the show on there own, not by force.
  • Charmed is a very different show to Buffy, one that is trying to do a different thing. Sure they share similarities but they are different and that by no means, means that it’s better or worse, just different. Charmed was not cancelled, the main stars wern’t interested in re-newing their contracts and Brad Kern (the Joss Whedon of Charmed) wasn’t interested in making them. Charisma Carpenter did a fantastic job on Charmed and seemed to have no loyalty problems about acting on the show. If DB is too work on Charmed then i say good luck to him! If not, then it doesn’t really matter does it?
  • Oh god I hope not...David can’t act in anything that isn’t written specificly for him, i.e. Angel, so I’d hate to see yet another poor performance out of him...he’s just embarassingly bad as an actor when he’s not doing a Whedon project.