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David Boreanaz Flashback convention report

By Darla

Monday 17 May 2004, by Webmaster

Date Posted: 06:17:45 05/16/04 Sun

Author: Darla

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Subject: DB Flashback Con report - No spoilers

From Shiai posted on the Jossing Around yahoo group by Dru

[Nothing really spoilery here.]

I just got home from the Flashback Weekend Angel & Buffy Con in Chicago (big shout out to my peeps, Eva, Erica and Carl LOL), and I thought I’d share a couple of tidbits from DB’s Q&A....

* He starts filming a movie, "Mr. Fix-It," this June.

* David was offered the co-lead in the London stage production of "When Harry Met Sally," after Luke Perry departs the role in a few weeks, but the movie precludes that. Alyson Hannigan’s part will be -assume-d by Melissa Joan Hart.

* He was perhaps better prepared to handle the end of AtS because he’s always made a point of not looking at the series as a long term commitment, but rather a 22 episode per year job, and one which might not return the following year.

* Two of his favorite episodes are "City Of" (because it was the very first, and they had no idea what they were doing, so it was scary and thrilling) and "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" (because it was just so much fun to do). He enjoyed his directing debut, "Soul Purpose," and credits the cast for making it a success, because they were all just so good at their jobs.

* He insists that he CAN carry a tune (although he didn’t demonstrate), and that he’s only pretending to be tone deaf as Angel.

* He said that the ’urban legend’ that he was discovered while walking his dog is true; his manager spotted him on the street, introduced himself, and shortly thereafter arranged for DB to audition for the part of Angel.

* Asked about how he would have liked to have seen the show develop had there been a Season Six, David started to say, "Well, with the way we end it in the last episode..." and I swear that half the people in the hall covered their ears and started yelling "NOOOOOO!!!!" Mindful of not spoiling anyone before the final episode airs, DB jokes that the last show will be a karaoke musical episode, starring both himself and his "Smile Time" Angel puppet LOL. He also added that one thing he would have liked to have seen in S6 was the relationship between Angel and Spike resolved into something more positive.

* An episode idea which he pitched...and which Joss shot down...was, as he called it, "Some Like It Hot." In a nutshell, circumstances would force Angel and Spike to have to dress in drag, and doing so would help them surmount their macho animosity towards each other and actually start to communicate.

* The rumors that he will have some role in "Serenity" are just that, rumors...he has not been cast for the movie (not yet, anyway).

* And finally, he was asked about the possibility of any Angel telefilms next year, and he said, "I have to be honest...I’m not interested in returning to these characters in a television movie. I would like to do a feature film."

David was very heartfelt in his opening remarks, in which he said that the support from the fans from Day One had not only been the reason for the show’s success, but also a source of great comfort for him, and that they made him proud to do the show. He then called for a round of applause for all fans of AtS.

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  • > David Boreanaz Flashback convention report

    19 May 2004 21:15, by Cloud Nine

    I also happened to be there this weekend. What I loved the most about David was the fact that he was so appreciative of the fans. Both days, he couldn’t go on enough about how grateful he was for all of us. In fact, he said the first thing he thought when he heard the show was cancelled was, "Damn, the fans are gonna go nuts." It was really cool to see him, Christian Kane, and Stephanie Romanov up there all at the same time. You can tell by their joking that they were all really good friends on the set. Especially David and Christian, who I guess BBQ tons together in David’s backyard. (I can only imagine what those BBQs would be like considering Christian Kane had been drinking Bud Light from the beginning of the Q & A to when I met him during the autograph session, and probably beyond that!) I thought something really sweet that Christian said was the set was completely ego-free, and David was to thank for that. Christian said David set a bar for the rest of the cast and made the set so enjoyable and really pushed everyone to do their best without making it competitive. Christian says that’s a very hard thing to find on most sets, and he was truly thankful of David for it. David and Christian were also constantly making fun of each other and swearing, which was refreshing because you felt like it was just this laid back conversation with a couple of your friends. Shows how they’re real people too. The only thing David took from the set was his chair, but apparently Christian is a clepto and has stolen many things from the set! The issue of his fake hand was brought up...something about it vibrating...and something about how David stole it...you can put the pieces together ;) The laughter didn’t cease! Another amusing moment was when Christian said if you lined up all of the casts from Smallville, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls and all those other teen WB shows, him David and J (August Richards) could kick all their asses. It’s so nice when you finally get to meet people you’ve looked up to for so long aren’t disappointed. I’ve met some people in my time that were completely rude, but not this cast. They were unbelieveably nice. David said he wished he could sit down and talk to every single one of us because it’s so nice to know that people like his work and he would love to hear everyone’s take on it. Unfortunately, the people running the convention had to keep the lines moving, and that was impossible. But it’s the though that counts :)

    By the way, the Kane concert was amazing! Christian really rocked the house, and everyone from the convention came as well! David introduced him onto the stage, and then he sat offstage with his wife Jamie. Christian’s mom, Pam, was there. She looks like a real sweetheart. Christian couldn’t thank her enough and after singing the song he wrote for her, called her onstage to give her a big hug. Stephanie could be seen dancing offstage and every now and then videotaping the concert and the fans. The best part was Christian getting everyone on stage for their last song, a cover of Sweet Home Alabama. David’s a much better dancer than in that season one episode, and a good singer too! Though he refused to have an Angel musical, he proved he could have handled it if there was one!

  • > David Boreanaz Flashback convention report

    26 May 2004 10:53, by geraldine
    That sounds like a great convention! I wish I had of been there, but as I live in Northern Ireland that would have been hard for me.I have watched Angel sine it started and haven’t missed an epp yet so it’s great to know that these guys are so nice and down to earth away from the show. I will miss Angel great show with great characters in it. Thanks for letting us know how the convention went!