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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - Go Sixers - Can I Say That ?

Friday 1 May 2009, by Webmaster

This was an alright Playoff experience. We opened up the series great! The fans were pumped, the orange T-shirts were on and everyone was amped up and loving life. Prior to game 6, I knew we were going to go to 7.

Game 5 was a big win for us. We shut down Malkin and Crosby, controlled the puck and established ourselves for a potential game 7. We did what we had to do in Pittsburgh and won the game 3-0. Biron played great. He stayed out of the box and basically did what we had to do. Like Mike Richards said, we rolled simply, played hard and honestly and took the win.

Carter is a great athlete and great player but it wasn’t the best Playoff series for him. Forty-six goals during the regular season and then he disappears in the Playoffs.

Game 6 started perfectly. I know the guys were ready to roll and this was for bragging rights. This is our house! We score the first three goals! Then trouble starts. Carcillo beats the snot out of Talbot and it was a surreal moment. All of a sudden, it sparked Pittsburgh. They knew they could still take the game.

Another Flyer-killer. When the bounces go bad, it’s always the ghosts of Flyers’ past. I remember saying to myself "this is not good," and they were back in the game.How did this happen? Staal really took his game to another level. He was making plays happen and Crosby made a heck of a goal.

I had a friend sitting in Wachovia who was watching from six rows above the glass. He said the fans really deflated and the downward spiral continued into the third. You can’t say anything bad about Biron, but I’m sure there were a few he would’ve wanted back and that Crosby goal was one of them.

I missed most of that last game because I took my son Jay to his hockey game. His team lost 0-1, and he was all over the ice. In fact, I think Jay’s defense played better than Philly’s defense. I caught the last five minutes of our guys on the ice. The most bizarre loss I’ve ever seen.

Jay is budding into quite the hockey fan and he loves going out there and playing. As I write this he has his rollerblades on, he’s in his underwear and he’s ready to roll. Jay has met Jeff Carter and Mike Richards both of whom are really nice guys. He’s got a bit of a swayed skate to him, with the intensity of Mike Richards.

I’m in shock right now. I don’t even know what to say. What else more can you say? Other than Holmgren has his work cut out for him. Biron, the goaltending situation, they’re going to find themselves in a tough spot. What about Danny Briere? What kind of moves do you make and where do you go? Did you miss R.J. Umberger, a physical guy who can finish his checks? What about Carter and Lupul? They didn’t really do much this series.

The good thing is they’re young and they need the Billy Guerin-type that Pittsburgh has or even Chris Kunitz. Giroux played great! The ding on the post was amazing. That poor kid, he literally fell to the ice. But that’s our season in a nutshell. It’s the way we lost. The desire and the ability to close out a game. To go out the way we did was terrible. I mean we were up three goals! How does this happen?

So once again, we have to wait until next year. It’s depressing because it’s such a long season even to get to the Playoffs. If you look at the way the team played at the end of the season, like losing to the Rangers on their home ice. They open the season 0-6 and they go through stretches where they play as good as anyone.

This team may go through a lot of changes. The Philly fans are so invested, it’s a great hockey market and they’re so intense and our first blame is always "fire the coach, trade that person, get rid of him." You have to be calm and get over those emotions. Restructure positively.

You have to take your hat off to Pittsburgh, I take my hat off to their fans and their team. They get to watch more hockey.

I am out, I’m done. I’m rooting for Chicago and New Jersey in their respective series. I’m rooting for any team to beat Pittsburgh. It doesn’t matter which one. I respect their game, they beat us, great job, but I dislike you guys. Nothing more I can say.

I’m rooting for Chicago to come out in the West, because I think having Chicago back in the mix is amazing.

The San Jose series is baffling. The Sharks are maybe the Flyers of the West and they just can’t get over the hump. You look at them on paper and you can’t believe they don’t go to the Final every year with their roster.

I went to the San Jose / Anaheim game on Friday and this woman comes up to me and said that her father owns the team. She was really nice and invited us to go and sit in her father’s box. At the end of the first period, my son Jay and my good friend went up to the box and met the owner. The owner’s daughter had baked cookies for the team and she shared one with Jay.

I’ll be at Senor Frog’s watching hockey games that don’t include my Flyers.

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