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David Boreanaz - Halloween Convention 2004 - Questions & Answers Transcript

Sunday 15 May 2005, by Webmaster

Ok I assume the position. You may fire at will.

Do you feel that the addition of Spike to the cast in season five allowed Angel himself to grow as a character?

That’s a good question. Yeah. When we approached season five and I spoke to Joss about the issue of James, my first reaction was great, and that we worked together on the characters. Really we look back at how we pretty much develop the new characters. But it? Angels character, there was always an annoyance. Getting annoying and trying to focus. So I think it brought out a lot of humor and dialog and quick wit for Angel and I was kinda upset that James and I couldn’t do more with the show geared around two characters. Season Five was quality, one of my favorite seasons. It was great and evil and pretty much again what we did, and Joss reinvented the show all over again brought in the addition of James it was a great addition to the cast and everyone was involved so it was great. Thank you.

Hi David Welcome to the UK. Since you play quite ???

The stunt work was the one loss I got too. I suffered a knee injury last year, had my knee operated on a year ago. Actually October 24. (2003) so going into season 5 we crushed little, cause I couldn’t do alot of the moves that I wanted to. I remember season 1, after one day at work it was like waking up after a football game. I was so sore and as muxh as I could do. I didn’t do alot of like high falls, or crashes, I wanted to but they wouldn’t let me. I remember Mike Massa who was just a phenomenal stunt man and great person and great double for me, he just all out all the time. I remember in season 1 I just felt the emotion at the work, to let the years progress and find that these people are so great working to you. So yeah it was pretty good split.

I can’t believe their letting me ask this question, but as one parent to another, what are the chances of Jaden having a brother or sister?

Well...........I’ve been away for three weeks, working in Canada, shooting a movie. Do I really have to answer that? (laughs) because I didn’t before. Being away for three weeks is kinda tough, but as far as that thought, yeah I could, I hope to be blessed with another child, a gift from god. Children of the future. For Jaime and I, its not gonna happen tomorrow but I think that in the future yeah would be great to have another daughter or son, we even looked into adopting too.

On a flea market, what has been the most unique you’ve found? (*not complete*)

Flea market? Flea market..Well old times, old mirrors

Hi David what is the most difficult and physical you’ve ever filmed?

*Announcement regarding cameras...no flashing..(lots of laughter) goes on to talk about a pool*

Theres a pool under the floor, you know that? everyone know that?


Ok they use it now for recreation purposes

Had you not become an actor on Angel, what would you have become?

Architect. I love building. I love designing, anything to do with building, I’m still you know, I love taking pictures of building and walking around cities, looking at bridges and design. I might even get to studying in the future, I did not.

Do you have a particular favorite in England?

In England? Yeah, theres beautiful buildings. I don’t know what your talking about.

Question relating to home....accomplishment

What is my greatest achievement at home right now? Oh we just moved in, Oh I the first year I bought the house, remodeled it, and Jaime was pregnant, and we were working in a half-built house, our refridgerator died and got behind and we had to take out for a week. We had no kitchen. We just got that done and now just doing a little bit on the yard. You’ll appreciate with Jaden running all over the place we had thoughts again of foster-caring other children. So will give us another room. So we done that and my greatest accomplishment is having my son. Thank you.

Hi David

Hi, How are you?

Hi, thank you for taking this time with us

Thank you

My question, particular favorite episode, my favorite would be passion. Am I right in asking, or is there a reason why Angelus benevolence is such compulsive viewing?

I’m sorry I got half that question. So much to think about. I’m not sure how to answer that.

Yeah I was just asking if there is a reason why Angelus benevolence makes such compulsive viewing?

You wanna see Angelus in the Netherlands? (laughter)

Why’s Angelus sexy?

He’s in a pristine surely. Why’s he sexy, cause I think you know, he’s a terrorist and he’s so much fun. * Theres a part of me thats so dangerously strange benecial and very entertaining through that slow burn, off the gutter. I so enjoy that, and he really relishes in that slow pain and slow burn. And I think that theres a mystery to that, theres a mean unwanted like from people like that, whether they believe, or if they don’t believe it, if they think about it, its an entertaining thought so you know as an entertainer you provoke that on your show. What possibly may or may not happen, of course going down on Buffy..(?) But you know hes very twisted and really kinda angry.

Hello David, how was shooting the white Flag with Dido?

Shooting the white Flag with Dido. Well I didn’t know who Dido was. True story. I got the call and I really couldn’t remember her voice. * Went in for a costume fitting at the motel, so got into room and standing there, and four other people and Dido was there, and I didn’t know she was there, and I said I’m here to do a take. She looked at me and I said what are you **? But it was fine, it was two days, the shoot was long, I enjoyed it, it was an interesting process.. **I thought working with Joseph Kahn was alot of fun, it was alot of work. I know it wasn’t really * two days to shoot a video. For two days you just go, we had a series, but really cpmpact. Really good times, we shot backlot of universal , we shot along the streets of Hollywood and we shot it in two days. It was fun...hello.

Do you prefer SMG Eat gross things???

What gross things do I * eat? Well obviously I didn’t like * gross things. Well we did have alot of gross things. Theres not much as far as gross things that I eat, with they pulled the trigger. Think I eat peach, but I do I laugh, think I learned alot in the past two months. I was workin with everybody ? Chistner, really good actor, he really made things out, how to approach a scene. I think being the proportion, an the years really work craft for five seasons enabled me to come up with different things I’d like to do before another take. Sure it was all weekend. (laughs) I guess thats what I’m known for. (boots, boobs?) oh theres people over here.....hi...hi...hi.. like watchin a tennis match, but to answer your question, not really need to do a scene.

We’re actually gonna be really mean and give that girl a spot prize for the question. ok



Has their ever been part of a storyline where is so *? that you thought this is ridicolus, they’re on crack here.

Well......yeah *? is a difficult scene to do. True to 4 or 5 seasons and season * well then season 4 was very dark and very muddy with alot of confusing plotlines, It was heavy, it was show? darkness. The whole Cordeliaincident goes through me. Conner you know...it was cool * weird seeing that. It had to drive but thats * but yeah * big moments, being jacked up at the wall by a freaking monster, Like this is insane *. But always everyone had to keep straight the horrible urgh if you wanna not comfortable. Is you do stuff that you deal with good about...shit..its usually the way it works...wow..insane moment...* shit..but they’re uncomfortable moments where your, you feel oh my god this is funny or is this where we * seasons uncomfortable. I might not be feeling good that day, or not feeling well, or have a big zit on my face. You know all these things play and you use them to fight them, because if you do its crazy, So I guess I don’t know how to answer your question. You on.

If you had the chance to be immortal would you take it?

If I had the chance to be immortal would I take it, um no. It’d be too...well? I guess, well in a way we are, we’re immortal in a way cause your burned on screen so I think it might be * kind of a way, and more of a weird way. And its a strange thing. But physically being more open.

Thank you

Your welcome

Hi David, I’m Sarah.

Hello Sarah, how are you

I’m alright


Not too bad yourself

** Pair of boots. Those are very hot. Burning your feet up. She’s got flames on her boots for those who can’t see. Peopl who are here * take this morning.

What was your honest reaction when you saw the Smile Time script and you saw you were gonna be a puppet?

Oh God...budget comedy, thats when I thought we’re really screwed, I thought they were really on the mushroom stage over there. Honestly to god. It was quite a laugh. You know we’d just this * pickliar submarine episode, and then so we got back from, then we’re doing the puppet and *? we’re fucked! fuckin puppet and it was cool, I loved that show for what it was worth, not sure how long it was on, and the time that we spent rehearsing waiting to do the work with the puppet, I mean the rehersal scenes, he’d watch the puppeteer * So he could entertain the puppet as good as possible, while help me when I was loosing that. *. But it was crazy talk that we’re down, everyone was cracking up in rehersals, it was very funny, very difficult for the other actors to keep a straight face, he got both got to work with Andy Hallett as puppets do. He was very into that.

Thank you

Thank you

Hi David


First of all, thanks for coming to Britain, you made my day.

All right.

Over the years working with Buffy and on Angel, what do you think is the one important thing you learned?

Honestly? It was the best wake up. (laughter)

Honestly it got alot to work with honesty, and you value is what you do. Especially now, thw way I started out, where I came from and the time I spent on Buffy, that translated into a big proportion of my show. It was a great you get pulled in, vortex just swarming all over you, you know, and so your unconsciencious to it, and I try to take a step out it and I look back at 5 seasons. I think its still thawing from that process, I mean the days spent I don’t even remember somedays. I don’t remember how many hours, I don’t remember seeing actors, I look back years from now, back at scenes , I’ll just be going what’s, woah was going on, some crazy stuff going on personally and professionally and,you take from that as best as you can, learn from those experiences and how do you cope with that. I did alot of pictures. Those are carried the most. Thank you.

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you



Anne with an E....

My sisters middle name is Anne

That her?


With an E?

With an E.....two n’s

Why not..

Capital A.....

Can we get back to the acrhetict question?

Ok my real question, Angel is a champion, he is a hero, what would your personal qualifactions be for a hero?

Perfect qualifactions for a hero, being a father and available to my son as much as I possibly can be, teaching him to respect other people. But what are your your qualifications?

What are my qualifactions?

For someone else to be a hero for you.

Oh for somebody else to be a hero for me...kindness, loving heart, openess to change, balance, communication, sense of inner strenght, good laugh.

Do you have a hero?

Do I have a hero. Yeah my Dad, big hero, my Father, huge hero. We drove out across country wuth my Father, in 1991. It was a great trip, it was a trip at that time was 21 years old going out to CA, trying to get discovered myself, and figure out who I was, and what I wanted to do with my life and along the way, to release that journey, interesting pact with my Father in a way that I never imagined, and it was something I look back at and will always reconfirm why he was my biggest hero, that brings you up to date. He’s just such a pillar of strengh and anytime that I feel as though I may be seccombing to anything bad I guess.

Thank you.


Do you read fanmail sent to you or get someone else to read it? Do I read much email? fanmail?

I don’t read all of it no. I can’t read every single letter I mean, I do read some pieces of letter that get sent to me now, all that that does now. It actually doesn’t come directly to me, it goes to 20th Century Fox and those people and those that come to me. I do spend sometime reading it, whereas some people I do contact, you know to their address.

Did you have as much fun playing Angelus as we did watching you being romantic?

Yeah I thought he was great that guy..I would have loved to play him a little bit more, but its, you know, year difference. I found a fine line between of the season when I was playing Angel, that I could kind of break him out in certain situations, I always felt though, yeah he was completly Angelus from Angel was in the middle of it, pissed of or smart about it. I felt that he had that kind of power, and use that in some scenes working to a scene or not, but hey you know...shit of a kind, wicked cool you know...nice.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Hi David


You mentioned before there’s a difference between real kiss and a stage kiss, what’s the difference and do you always upstage people when your filming?


Very awkard, very strange and its you know your work positions..(laughter). I mean there’s light, I have broad shoulders and they keep hatin me, because they go over and its size, lighting problems, and the nudity in uncomfortable infront of the camera you know.

Its difficult because your in lights, and you know its crap service round this script. People just eating you know breakfast burritos and your rehearsing this love scene, and your first and foremost respectful to the female who your working with, continue to talk to her about it, whats comfortable for her, what type of person she is.One person I really love working with, I gotta tell you is Julie Benz rules, she really was not the scared type, in the places we were. We’re gonna go here, we’re gonna go there, we’re gonna really fuck and eat it up and you know entertain the crew, and she was great. Someone to agree on that is very important and we’re respectful and try to make it as clean as you possibly can, but is a very uncomfortable thing...not easy...just a blow job...(laughs)

Hi David


Have you ever done anything really bad in real life?

Woah.....well yeah....oh my god.....forgive me father I have sinned. I was a good catholic boy once...really sorry...working towards redemption..well you know.

You know, there are alot of things that I dud, you know, early stages of life that could have been wrong and there are things that each and everyone of us have and I think that you try to. I go to sleep..everyone goes to sleep..with their conscience and you are kind of good with that. And you know problems with that, and you work at those problems, work on those issues with yourself, other people and I have alot of issues that I deal with, and I grow up completly proud of what I deal with and share with you, and I you know those are universal feelings that I’ve had. So to answer your question without answering...great at it. So thats all I’m gonna give you.

Hi David


I just wanted to know who you really enjoyed working with. and who you wanted to stay around.?

To guest stars, people that were on and see lots of great people that came on the show in the 5 years. There was a gentleman, who played a W&H lawyer, I can’t think of his name...Is on a show really can’t remember his name, I thought he was great. Liked him alot. I thought that he was an interesting character, some kind of demon complete morom, some really cool stuff going on with that character. Just liked the way he worked.


Thank you.

Hi David

Hi What would be your ideal destination for a vacation, for a romantic weekend and what would you do when you get there? (Laughs)

Why not, I was looking through magazines, I thought of Maldives, pretty exotic, white sand, crystal clear water, and um just take my wife there, and just rub Hagen Daazs ice cream all over her body..... Yeah! go right in...whipped cream...I dunno...

My question is about future roles. If you could play any type of character in any kind of TV show in the future, what kind of role would you do, for example a doctor.

Well, there’s a pilot being sold to ABC three weeks ago, based on a true story where I play a cop Jack Dante (?), who worked in the there, and he was on homicide and they keep the story of, not gonna tell you about it...read about the impact how he performs, amount of dialog to remember, and he’s just a great Irishman. The character he got a lot of strength and a lot of basically a hitman for hire, people come and kill other people. He’s an undercover cop, and hes got a family and 2 sons, and I’m looking forward to shooting that. So to answer your question, thats pretty much next for us, that role. looking forward to the action, in my career, tap into that vulnerability side and heroic person, and also a good role to play.

I wish you luck and success

Thank you

Hi David


My question, which other character on Buffy or Angel would you like to have played? Like time, Buffy. Yeah sure. oh,,you wanted a male character? *something about boobs!?* (missed answer although sure it was Giles)


Hello *question is muffled*

I’m sorry can you say that again? Strictly performance? Audience shouts.....

Hey!....hot.....little aggressive....little much, jeez answer a question. Lets go through this one more time. Lets hear that part..question for David....picking on the two of them, oh my god, big problem with soul of Spike. James will be eye rolled a cameras, but I wouldn’t want to do you know these creepy performances. Can you tell if somethings on your back and hey its ketchup. Ok well love it, and it comes from ewatching other performances to people who kinda inspire me, and also deeply kind of an internal mode and finding that tick that works rhythmically for them, listening to certain types of music, different types of light postures, wear clothing, how I’m feeling that day, what the wardrobe is specifically for that scene and how its gonna play out. So there’s not really a general thing as far as where I can go with it. Kinda funny and hows it turns out, and try to not stay loose when I have the time with it, let it go, and theres where I, the magic happens.

Thank you

Thank you.

Hi David..where is your career heading right now?

Where else is my career heading right now? ok good question, I’m seeing alot of people and starting a movie called ’Mr Fix It’ which is a romantic comedy. I play a guy who keeps getting dumped by the girls and he fixes. I think he finds girls that friend him and takes him a while to connect through that, they weren’t that bad after all. So theres a lot of those type of characters in this film, and a great cast direstor. I don’t have the prescribed description as far as where and I don’t want any uncomfortable with that always challenging, For me its really working all the time, great director. Three weeks time to get crazy.And now I’m on be cool, totally different role and thought something through the back yard and three girls. I never do sit down and say ok you play Angel, he’s a vampire, how are you fuckin gonna stop that curse? How are you not know as a vampire. I never stop and think about that. If I did then I think I would be trapped with that. For me its change. very acceptable, very important for me. And thats a challenge. A challenge that I love in life. I mean if everyone would like to challenge you there’d be more to achieve. So roles for really determine how I, people that are involved in the story, the way its written and its not to say that I’m not going to steer away from that, Its a really good horror shot or physicological thriller I will be there. Good people. Good luck.

Hi David


Do you think you’ll find a line things such as Jurassic Park 4 or Jaws 4? Am I doing Jurassic Park 4? (laughs) Its a rumor!

No..no....Oh Its a rumor!! I’ve heard tons of rumors...No I didn’t read for Jurassic Park 4. **?? They are

Yeah Are they? Jaws 4? I heard it got to Jaws 9..I dunno..I’m sorry give me a moment..repeat your question.

Do you think you’ll find a line..dragon.. Oh the line...fight that dragon...that line. I don’t remember that...cool. I’ll write my name. All right cool.

Its Halloween, what scares you?

Ok Halloween..what scares me...ok whats scary..awww man..got birds...birds are very frightening..what scares you?.......You don’t know? lobsters......oh man...man they’re scary creatures. Big lobsters and those they;re phew!. Imagine waking up to a lobster in your bed...oh my god!...you wake up and woah! lobster coming at you with big claws and have the rubber bands..terrified...could be really freaky..Halloween or not...you with me? That cool?

Early in the relationship with Angel and Darla and Cordelia in the first half of the season. What were your memories of Glenn Quinn.?

Thats a good question. Which I’m gonna answer, which I could really go into, might do would be really cool for me. He was a great guy and he loved, god bless his soul, everything he did, in the beginning of my insession holy show down, he came down and did certain things. I’ll never forget that. He was a little tense and the fun I had with him was just remarkable. He was so understanding, sucj a heart-break for me. You know, one to learn that you know the way it happened, it happened to lots of people out there. You know...you just don’t fuck around with that shit, its bad news, it gets me angry and hyped up but to answer your question in a certain piece everything I do is great.

Could you give us one more rendition of Mandy?

Oh Mandeeeeee....when you came and you gave without takin....and I sent you away..oh mandeeeeeee... *claps cheers and laughter)

Hello David, I’m gonna embarras you even more now. Did you make up the dance for Cordys parts?

Did I make up the dance for Cordys party..It was choregoraphed and rehearsed all right....(laughs) Ican’t no room..... Will drop you all in the pool..... *Dances anyway*

Whats your first memory of the stage?

My first memory of stage, my best memory of stage..of the series. The pilot we shot, was shooting on top this huge broken downtown town los Angels, was windy was late at night. We had this crane was crazy shooting that whole presentation. That presentation we did for the network, we wouldn’t research a pilot, so taking the character and hey show off and do something with him, being on a ledge, this huge building looking over downtown Los Angeles, freezing cold on the ledge, it was terrfying really scary because of the wind, challenging dialog that Joss had gave me to do about 4 pages then he intercut alot it was cool, camera sweeping around and it was winter and just remember the DT had problems with the focus, and the challenge of that, move closer to the edge, natural phobia of heights, just the start, was a great route to me, it was a great way of seeing what we can do with this character.

Hi Hello Which Angel did you enjoy the most? Angelus, good Angel, goofy Angel or gray Angel? Gray Angel?

Yeah Play gray? Between good and bad.

Oh right, like that one. Theres a part of me , that I’ve really done all aspects of that the character, playing thr character back and forth and experimenting trying to figure him out and you know saying hey what can I do over here and what can I do over there. Make him more evil here and make him more into whatever over there, so its a tough question for me to answer cause I really enjoy all aspects of him..


Respect people, you know, redeem your reputation, hold on to your dreams

Hi David


I’d like to know for Angel which of the 3 girls would you prefer? Darla, Buffy or Cordy?

All three of them! In a heart shaped minute with satin sheets, and loads of really cheap champagne (nods with a smirk) frozen grapes..some beef jerky...oh all of them are great, they’re fantastic. My preference, are you not understanding? All of them! Something tro fuck....but fun. No my preferance, no they were all great, I really enjoyed Sarah was great. Sarah and I had a spark, it was nice. We had a lot of fun, sparks are really cool. Great to be part of that and to remember all this is happening. You know those moments. Cordelia of course, I didn’t really get to work with her till later on and shes fiesty. She ain’t takin no shit. Her spirit was great. She was great time, great fun and she had a great way of lifting the scene up and then Darla, Darla was great. She was just all over the place. So again my preferance to choose them all, combine them. Am I answering too long? If I bore you just tell me ok. (laughs) ok

Thank you

Thank you

My question is, your a contestant on Survivor, what item woud you take with you, and what would be your last meal before you left? Hagen Daazs!!!

ok my last meal, definitely a good steak, pasta on the side chicken on the corn, all good. What would I take. Take Jaime I would take Jaden too, yeah or I take Jaime and we could have another Jaden right. I had to bring one.....book....bring book...bring bible...I did not read the other day..well thats me away from ’lozengers’ fuck man...what would you bring?


Oh thats really nice. You know, take these moments for your pride. People in the back there, hey..hello..anybody wanna do a dance? wanna sing Mandy? lets see what else have we got here. Whats up devil woman. With your red boots, red wings. Stand up and show everybody your wings. You guys are really cool, great fans. Whazzup. You know we had a great ending to the season a great end of series the way they put it. It was a weird day, a black cat in front of me, peeling the skin of my face. The script was late, Joss was there. The particular moments to come. The night that give the opportunity to do the show, I was working on Buffy and he’s like ’Hey I got a show for you!’ ummm ok. Hes like ’I got a show for you!’ I’m like ok. I got a scene to shoot in 10 minutes, lets work on that scene. Rather than down the line. I think that with every beginning, theres an end, and with that beginning is that experience that you have and you take it with you. From the people that you work with, opportunities that open doors for you. So you know as painful as it was, and I said, jeez the fans are gonna fuck a job. They’re just gonna crucify the network..


You know its Halloween. oh....loosing Joss Whedon to television, its huge. Guys a genius, guy can handle himself. And I’d love to do Angel movies. It’d be great but the final decision comes down to the network, the decision as hard as that may be. The support and the campaign that I know alot of you people did, I thank you so much really, for taking time, taking the energy out of your hours for days. It means alot to me, and I just wanna thank you guys, Will always love that show and my fans very much. Thank you.

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  • To guest stars, people that were on and see lots of great people that came on the show in the 5 years. There was a gentleman, who played a W&H lawyer, I can’t think of his name...Is on a show really can’t remember his name, I thought he was great. Liked him alot. I thought that he was an interesting character, some kind of demon complete morom, some really cool stuff going on with that character. Just liked the way he worked.

    — -

    Who would be this dude?? I tried to remember, but couldn’t anyone?