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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - "Justice League : The New Frontier" Movie DVD - Details & Picture

Monday 23 July 2007, by Webmaster

The geekgasm that is San Diego Comic Con continues to roar toward us, and the New York Times on Saturday published a interesting piece on the direct-to-DVD movie “Justice League: New Frontier,” which is based on the spectacular 2004 comic-book series by Darwyn Cooke.

The paper also has a cool still of Wonder Woman partying with some hot Vietnamese girls.

Cooke, who worked as storyboard artist for the “Superman” and “Batman” animated series of the 1990s, was hired to co-write the screenplay for the “Frontier” DVD.

An excerpt from the Times piece:

… the process was not without its bumps. In the first three drafts, neither Wonder Woman nor Lois Lane, both significant in the comic, was in the film. “You have to pick your battles,” Mr. Cooke said. “I had to give up a lot of things that would make me weep, not because they need to be in the film but because I wanted to see them animated. But Lois and Wonder Woman had to be in.” …

Lucy Lawless voices Diana of Themyscira in the new production, said to be hitting shelves next year. Other cast members include Kyle MacLachlan as Clark Kent, Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen, Steven Blum as Bruce Wayne, Dave Wittenberg as Arthur Curry, David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan, Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris, Steve Staley as Dick Grayson, and Phil Morris – familiar to all as Cosmo Kramer mouthpiece Jackie Chiles – as King Faraday. (I don’t think I’ve heard yet who plays Lois.)

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  • I’d like to know why in the article, comic book fans are referred to ask geeks. I mean, we’ve got sports fans and movie buff fans and fashion design fans and none of them are criticized but when someone likes to go to comic book, star trek or buffy conventions, they are called geeks. I think it’s sad that a site that would support comic fans and scifi fans alike make such a nasty comment about those that visit here. That’s kind of like crapping in your own soup before eating it.