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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - "Justice League : The New Frontier" Cartoon - Comicscontinuum.com Interview

Thursday 21 February 2008, by Webmaster

It was a Green Day for David Boreanaz.

Arriving at Warner Bros. Animation for his first Justice League: The New Frontier recording session in late 2006, Boreanaz wore a green T-shirt and green socks, appropriate for his role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the film.

"I like to get into my characters — literally," Boreanaz said, grinning.

The star of the Fox series Bones and the former lead in Angel, Boreanaz heads an all-star voice cast for New Frontier, scheduled for a Feb. 26 release from Warner Home Video.

"Halšs an interesting character — having been part of the Korean War, hešs kind of damaged goods, but yet hešs striving to get back to being himself," Boreanaz said. "I think Halšs sense of a duality is fascinating — his holding onto his past, overcoming it, and being heroic with it.

"It’s about coming to an understanding of where your strengths are and where your weaknesses may be — and as an actor, to go into his dark place and work from there. I found that very appealing."

Boreanaz’s been a fixture in the genre, including a role in The Crow: Wicked Prayer. While Boreanaz said he doesn’t intentionally stay within the genre, he doesn’t avoid it, either. He said he looks for the most interesting roles, and that itšs hard not to like the kinds of stories told within the Sci-Fi realm. "I think everybody, in a sense, can kind of lose themselves in this fantasy — I know I did," Boreanaz said. "Where else can you partake in this level of adventure, in this amazing way of blowing things up in a fair and simple way without ever actually hurting anybody? It’s just so enjoyable."

Boreanaz had just one voiceover experience prior to his role in Justice League: The New Frontier, as a character in the video game Kingdom Hearts. To that end, Boreanaz admitted that he did not know what to expect in recording for a film.

"The voice director, Andrea (Romano), was unbelievably fantastic in the way she guided me through Halšs course of emotions, and really helped me get to know the character," Boreanaz said. "Once I got my feet underneath him and really got into character, everything fell into place and we just flew through the script. It was a great journey."

Boreanaz said his favorite scenes in Justice League: The New Frontier do not deal with the battle between good and evil, but in the divergence between the super heroes themselves.

"The edginess and the conflict between the characters is what makes this a great movie," Boreanaz said. "Super heroes or not, these characters are going to go at each other at times. Therešs a fusion of a lot of strong, different personalities, and although they all want to achieve the same goal, they might not have the same approach. And Hal knows how to get the job done. So therešs good balance and a nice edge to the story."