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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - London Shopping - Paparazzi - High Quality Photos

Monday 30 June 2008, by Webmaster

June 26, 2008 - David Boreanaz, his wife Jaime Bergman and son Jaden go shopping in London. David and his son Jaden were dragged from shop to shop and they both looked very bored while Jaime shopped for jewellery. They ended up leaving the shop and leaving Jaime to shop.

David Boreanaz - London Shopping - Paparazzi - High Quality Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-01-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-02-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-03-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-04-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-05-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-06-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-07-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-08-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-09-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-10-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-11-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-12-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-13-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/david-boreanaz-family-london-shopping-paparazzi-hq-14-1500.jpg

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  • Looks like his mum and dad are there as well. I don’t think he looks bored just perhaps a bit miffed that the paparazzi has spotted them.
  • Wow, can the caption be any more rude? It’s totally uncalled for. It looks like his parents are looking at jewelry. If you were going to be this rude in the caption, maybe you shouldn’t have posted the pics in the first place. This is the first time I’ve read something mean, at this site from you guys. You’re making his wife sound like someone she’s not. She’s not even looking at anything.

    I don’t think David looks bored. Jaden looks a little upset and kids do get bored. But, there are cameras all up in their faces, and David seems a little annoyed by it. I’m guessing that’s why he looks a tad bit peeved. He’s trying to enjoy some time with his wife, kid and parents without cameras around.

  • To be honest, it might be better (not to mention more professional) next time to keep your personal interpretations of the photos out of the captions on them. It just seems rude, petty, and uncalled for to speculate how they were "dragged" and "looked very bored".
  • The captions have not been written or modified by Whedon.info. It comes directly from the photographer/paparazzi.
  • David Boreanaz - London Shopping - Paparazzi - High Quality Photos

    5 July 2008 16:34, by SuzyQ ((Buffy & Smallville fan))
    Well its a well known fact men hate shopping with their girlfriends/wife..Especially shopping for some thing not that interesting to a man.I guess shes looking for that special item for some occassion.and not finding it as quickly as she thought..Doesnt help when paparazzi are flashing cameras in front of you...I guess thats why they left her to shop by her self...I prefer it that way my self..that way you can take you time and not feel like you are dragging others around that want to be some where else...But I must say Jaden has certainly grown,looking alot like daddy these days.

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