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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz - ’These Girls’ New Movie - On The Set - Fan Report

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Webmaster

[Monday Oct 25th]

OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG I just found out that DAVID BOREANAZ is really here HOLLY FUCK !!!!!! I’m like freeking out here lol . I’m on my way over in about 2 hours from now when they start taping at the local bowling alley he he ... The movie is called " THESE GIRLS " i tried looking for info on it throughout the net but i absolutly cannot find it at all ... But i will definatly be taking tons and tons of photos i guess that he is talking to fans and everything . Signing autograph’s taking pictures the works lmao ... Also i called my cuz again and asked her every single detail on what was said when he went to order the pizza and they are ;) He ordered a 15 inch pizza with mushrooms , onions and bacon ! She also gave him a free cookie that was white chocolate chip with almonds in it , he said he loved it !!! He was wearing blue jeans with a red shirt and his beige sued jacket and nikey sneakers . He is driving a grey mini van with his manager or assistant whatever he is Scott ! Also he made a comment on the 20 dollars bills here lol " Oh wow look it’s the queen " ahahahahahhahaha ... He also will be here for another 8 days so YAYNESS there lmfao , he also talked about how cool it was to make the new crow movie ! Okies well i think i covered pretty much all there is for now lmao but i will definatly be posting more when i actually see him with my own eyes lmao...

[Tuesday Oct 26th]

Sorry i didn’t post enything last night but i was so tired last night wow lol ... First i just wanna say " Holly shit he is hot in real life " lmfao !!!! Ok me and my sis got there and we almost crash the damn car . We drove right on set where they were filming and everything !!! So we parked the car after some quiet screaming , and then found out that we coulden’t take pictures at all at night or els it would screw up the filming well duh right lol who wants to make a movie with a bunch of flashes going off ? Enywho we met this assistant director guy who will remain as mister p i won’t say his name out of respect . He was willing to share the whole story line and everything he was so cool he he . Ok what next ummm oh yea we found out one of the three girls name and it’s the most ugly stupid girl i have ever seen lmao i just coulden’t stand her at all in much music that’s why her voice is so annoying !!! But enywho her name is Amanda Walsh she was a vj at much music , i just don’t see how this girl started from much music to being a guest in smallville and now in a movie with David lol . But whatever the bitch does get to have sex scenes with David so i gotta admire her for that and be jelouse too lmao ... Ok well i have to hurry and go back and take pictures of last night’s scene and stuff and hopefully get some kind of David pic today ... I will be back in like 5 hours with everything els i know so be sure to keep checking ;)

[Wednesday Oct 27th]

Hey all sorry for the lack of info but man i am trying to get as much as i can and i finaly got some more today lol so here it goes .... Ok so far no pics of David cause well i guess your not allowed to and i don’t want to get kicked out of the filming area so i respect that he he. Ok the name of the movie that they are calling it now is " These girls " it will probably change the director said . It’s about 3 girls graduating from college and they want to lose their virginity to an older man (David) . He is married and has a child . There is alote of sneaking around and might end up blowing up in his face . That’s all i got about the movie so far but i did watch a few scenes and they are , The girl’s peeking through his window at home . Also one of the girl’s going to the door and he opens it and they talk for like 5 minutes and then she goes in the door closes behind them ! The other scene is a different girl leaving the house and David shaking his head looking sad as he closes the door ... In another scene it’s two girl’s arguing i think not sure about that one we coulden’t see it very well . In a total of three day’s these are the only scenes i have seen he he . Today they had the day off till Friday then it’s off to do public filiming like in the heart of the town so i will most likely be able to get a picture then , cause there will be a few people around that i might be able to hid the camera and take a few to have a souvenir for myself aahahahhahahah .. It is most likely not gonna happen that i will get a photograph or even a picture with him cause i guess he is not a friendly person that way ! The director assistants told me that . They commented that David is an asshole and i was like " HUH ? " and they laughed and said yes it’s true , that fame has turned him into a jerk towards his fans . He dosent like people pointing at him or taking pictures of him without his permision and he never takes a second to say hi to his fans or give them an autograph . But i gotta say he say hi to me and we even talked for a few seconds and he said he loved it here because he wasent well known and it gave him time to breath without scarry fans jumping all over him .... Well i guess i would feel the same way but he shoulden’t ignore his fans , it is because of us he is where he is today !!!! But other then that he seems fun when he’s walking around he jokes around with everyone laughes and smiles to everyone , so you can probably say that he has a split personality or something lol ... Oh and he is very tall in person so that whole brooding tall vampire thing wasent a lie lmfao ... Also i hear that everynight after he is done filming he goes for a few drinks at the local bar . I haven’t seen it yet lol but i got the manager of that bar to tell me the next time he came in so i could go sneek a peak and hopefully get to chat with him and if it’s a good day for him lol i might get an autograph and who knows even a picture with him ... Miracles do happen sometimes right lol ???? He is always going to restaurants to buy his own food , many people have seen him in them including my wonderful cousin who if it wasen’t for her i woulden’t even have known he was here lol ... It seems to be a hush hush movie cause it’s very quiet and around here for a movie to be filming should have been in the news everywhere because we never have this happen around here so yea to them it’s a big deal !!! The movie itself looks like it sucks but that’s my opinion it’s definatly not a high budget film i guaranty that ... His house is old and runned down and there is not very many scenes other then that house . Enyone can watch the filming itself but i haven’t seen enyone watch it yet except me and my sister which we are there 24/7 because we are hudge fans of Angel so ya we are gonna be there lol . Also that is another thing i guess the rumors would be true of him being an ass because we have been there for 3 straight days and only us !!! He has smiled to us and waved but never came over to say hi or even give the slightest sign that he cares that two of his fans are freezing their ass’s off to see him .... Ok well enyway as for the clothes lol his outfit seems to be only blue jeans grey tshirt and sneackers for the house scenes . When he leaves the set he wears this long blue bomber jacket with a " tonronto maple leaf " logo on it and green rubber boots with yellow soles ... When my sis and i saw that we just had to laugh cause he looked rediculous in them lmao ... He drives his own mini van and seams to enjoy it lol we see him driving around all the time when he’s taking breaks and stuff ! Ok i think that’s it for now unless i forgot something but if i do remember i will post it no worries lol . Oh wait the name of the director is " Anne Murray " and her husband ?? she is from Quebec . I tried looking for her name on the net but she dosent exist lol all i get when i type in her name is an annoying country signer by the same name he he ... Ok well i have some photos up in the photo section and i will have more Friday when it’s more in the open and hopefully we get to sneak some pics of the people in the movie lol .

XOX Nancy

4 Forum messages

  • Um, just because he doesn’t like people taking pictures of him or pointing at him, does NOT mean he’s a jerk. I mean, normal people don’t like that either!
  • It seems like you’re getting the ’split personality’ thing from other people’s comments, rather than your own view. I’ve met David, as have several friends, and can vouch for him being a fun, regular guy. He has great respect for the fans, especially those who respect him and his work. Don’t forget, you’re watching him at work and he’s a professional - he can’t take time out to talk with everyone who drops by, it would cost thousands of dollars in lost production time, but I know for a fact that he does, whenever he can. Yes, I’m defensive: I find your ’report’ insulting to the man I know to be a really nice guy.
  • I can’t believe I have just read the above heap of absolute dribble and crap. My friend and I were fortunate enough to meet David Boreanaz on the 30th and 31st of October at the "Halloween Event" in London and he was so friendly and funny and always acknowledged and thanked his fans.
  • Uhhhhh David Definley Not A Jerk Ok!!! Your A Dumb Ass 4 Thinking It!!