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David Boreanaz - Tv Guide Magazine Scans & Transcription

By Ter

Sunday 1 February 2004, by Webmaster

VG: David, what was your reaction to the idea of having your own show? Boreanaz: I’m very fortunate. I mean, to give me my own series - a character like this [who] is so diverse, so old. There’s so much to him. When I read the breakdown for the character, it was something like, "245-year-old vampire with a conscience. If you knock him down, he’ll get back up like Joe Louis." The Joe Louis line stuck with me. TVG: Joss, you’ve said if you had to compare Angel to a superhero, it would be Batman. Is that how you always envisioned him? Whedon: He does have the Batman thing of "I am all alone... with my 12 sidekicks." There are, like, 48 guys with keys to the Batcave. But, and I think this is a human truth, you are still alone. You can be alone in a crowd of people who love you. That is our curse. And that’s why I think vampires as a concept register.

TVG: In 2001, Buffy moved to UPN but Angel stayed on the WB. Did you worry that splitting the shows up would hurt Angel? Whedon: In terms of Angel I was pleased, just because it was time for people to realize that it stood on its own.

TVG: It must’ve been hard, though, to continue to deal with the WB after such nasty negotiations over Buffy. Whedon: Yeah. This was a negotiation where both [then-20th Century Fox chairman] Sandy Grushow and [WB chairman] Jamie Kellner went at each other. And when elephants fight, mice get trampled. It was really just about money.

TVG: David, what did you think the first time you heard about the story line in which Angel’s infant son, Connor, would age into a teenager within a few episodes? Boreanaz: It’s nuts, man. But when Vincent [Kartheiser, who played Connor] came on, I really enjoyed working with him. But now nobody remembers Connor [on the show] except me. Whedon: It’s gonna come into play again. Assuming Vincent’s available.

TVG: Were you shocked at how resistant fans were when you put Angel and Cordelia together? Whedon: "Resistant" isn’t the word. They were chasing us through the streets with torches. They hated the idea. The Buffy-Angel [romance] has lingered. Boreanaz: The Buffy-Angel connection has got to win out [in the end]. They’re perfect together. - Shawna Malcom

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4 Forum messages

  • Everyone says Connor and the ’considerably older’ Cordelia. UM, HELLO!! Connor is 18 and cordelia, if we follow her age as the same as Buffys, Willows and Xanders, is 22 or 23.

    Now i am so not a fan of Connor/Cordelia but that still is not a big diff. Buffy dated Angel (200 odd years older than her, and yes i know, vampire, but he is supposed to be 29, that’s when he was made a vamp, and so still like 10 years diff) and Spike (100 years diff). She liked principal Wood (at least 10 years)as well.

    Xander dates Anya (like 1000 years)and always fancied Joyce.

    Cordelia wanted to date Wesley (10 years at least. I could go on!

  • I don’t think Wesley is 10 years older than Cordy.....

    And, I love TV Guide for this article. Can always count on the people there to bring ’Buffy’ and ’Angel’ into the spotlight.

  • To Gemma..

    2 February 2004 03:05, by Kat
    I don’t think the whole thing with Connor and Cordy was weird because of their age difference.. I think it was because she acted like his mother and took care of him when he was a baby.. Add that to the whole Angel/Cordy semi-romance and you have to admit, it’s kinda creepy..
  • No, don’t get me wrong. It is totally totally creepy weird on all different levels and not just ’cause of the age thing. But in every interview/article you read there seems to be a mention of this big age difference. Cordelia’s character seemed to move to Angel and grow up 5 years at least!

    But yes I so totally agree that it was wrong to put them two together, and it wasn’t needed as they could have said that Jasmine, who used to be a PTB, ’implanted’ herself in cordelia while she was ’up there’ wherever she was, and she didn’t need to ’conceive’ her with Connor.