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From New Weekly Jan 12th 2004 Edition (Australia)


David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

By G

Thursday 12 February 2004, by Webmaster

David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

Angel spunk David Boreanaz isn’t too pleased with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s refusal to return to her Buffy role for a one-off TV special. Although Sarah claims she’s too busy after signing up for a remake of the Japanese horror flick The Grudge, David is furious. He apparently declared, "If Sarah were to come back for a final farewell - like I did for her on her series finale - that would be fantastic ... It’s not like you do a 50 or 100 episodes of a show and say, ’Screw you.’ You have a responsibility to your fans."

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  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    16 February 2004 21:47, by Buffy’s Hubby
    Angel better watch his back talking to buffy like that. he dont want to get wrecked. i would love to see Buffy again, but if she said she doesnt want to do it don’t make her. Dont byte the hand that feeds you! No pun intended. He probably thinks that if she would show it could save his show. News flash, it aint gonna happen so stop cryin and take it as a loss big boy!!!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    16 February 2004 22:20, by anila
    oh! this is so sad.I would have loved to see Sarah come in for the finale. I still hope that she will find the time to do so. It would be perfect only if she was there as buffy to bring an end to the series!!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    16 February 2004 22:28, by kristen
    HOw could sarah let all of her loyal fans down?? watching buffy and angel has helped people in so many ways!!! ANGEl and buffy are SOULMATES and THEY HAVE to end up together!!!we were COUNTING on her to come back and do some episodes on angel b/c after all both shows have been through...WE NEED TO SEE THEM HAPPY!!!! dont let us down!!! WE NEED BUFFY TO COME BACK TO ANGEL!!!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    16 February 2004 22:32, by Vinny
    David is damn right. I will boycott every shows or movies SMG will do if she doesnt come back for a final farewell... Oh well its not like i’ll have a lot to boycott hahaha
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    16 February 2004 22:39, by spike_lover
    i can’t believe she’s refusing to do this. he did it for her and it made the final of Buffy unmissable. if Angel has to finish it would be great for the fans to have a conclusion to the Angel and Buffy story, and possibly finish on a happy ending!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    16 February 2004 23:14, by Jacko
    Good on you David! You tell that girl! Not that she’ll probably give a damn! I used to like SMG but now i think she’s got too big headed and carried away with her own fame!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    16 February 2004 23:32, by The New Slayer
    > I don’t belive that David Boreanaz said that. It’s very rude of him to say that about Sarah (Michelle Gellar), because if were not for her, he would be today the big star he is. She made him and Joss famous, what more does he want?
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 00:12, by Anonymous


    I couldn’t agree with him more!

    • David never said that sarah offered to come back for the last episode of angel but joss wedon said no because he did not want the last episode to revolve around a guest star so it was nt sarah’s fault it was joss wedon’s so dont blame sarah she would have been happy to come back also i dont think david Boreanaz would say anything like that he his too kind hearted until i see it on video i will not believe it
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 00:19, by Anonymous
    I understand David. She does owe it to her fans. I know she is busy and all, but come one, people like me have followed her for 7 years! The least she could do was return as Buffy to at least 1 episode! Honestly, if I was David, Joss, or any from the Angel cast I would be disappointed at her, and as a fan, I am too. I still think Sarah is great, but I’m just disappointed. And from here I want to thank David for thinking of the fans.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 00:19, by Michael Albano
    Does anyone think this is true?
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 01:12, by Brian
    Go David! We fan’s back you 100 percent. Sarah doesn’t have any respect for her fans.
  • il a fortement raison, je ne dirais pas mieux... c’est peut Ítre sa faute, si la saison 5 d’angel est foutue en l’air,
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 03:49, by Rachel
    Well bravo for him! I think he should be ticked off that she’s too stubborn and pig-headed to come back for ONE episode like he did. If the show really is ending foir good, the fans deserve something like this. I can’t believe she’s still refusing to come back. UG!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 08:19, by Hambo

    Man the New Weekly had really good inside goss if it could get that from david back in january.... me thinks thats a typo and Im going out to buy the latest New Weekly mag just to confirm.... but really, in the fair dinkum department, David has every right to be pissed at Sarah, after all, he did go over to UPN for live "five" minutes just as a salute to the fans.

    What is Sarah to good for Buffy anymore now that she is becoming a movie star and married Freddie Prinze Jnr? Bull shit

  • Easy for me to judge from here, but David Boreanaz seems a lot more mature then Sarah Michelle Gellar right now.

    See online : http://www.escapefromdarkness.com

  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 10:16, by Anonymous
    go David!! sarah is BS-ing her fans, to be honest she is going further and further down on my five-by-five-o-metre
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 11:36, by SARAH CA

    to buffy’s hubby and the new slayer.

    just to let you know Joss was very well known b4 btvs so please get your facts straight before posting rubbish remarks like that!!!!

    also SMG is only famous for her role as buffy and she should be the one who is grateful not david or joss!!!

    if SMG had any respect for her loyal fans she would find time to be there for angel ONLY IF JOSS WANTED HER TO THOUGH

  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 11:38, by jessica
    She had her succes and that’s enough for her , she’s a b*tch wy doesn’t she wanne give angel a good finish . Maybe they can show Angel en Cordy coming together in heaven ????
  • David is sooo right! this is so not cool to all the fans!!!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 16:13, by Maria
    It would be gr8 if the whole gang could get back together 1 last time. Angel & the Scoobies xx
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 17:11, by Bitchy McBitch
    What a bitch! Dave was good enough to appear on the final episode of Buffy cause that’s what the fans wanted. And just to comment on what someone else posted, Joss was the one who made Sarah who she is, not the other way around. If you ask my opinion, Sarah was the real reason Buffy was cancelled in the first place just so she could do more great films like Simply Irresistable and Scooby Doo...wait did I say great, I meant shitty! Get a life Sarah, cause no one will remember you in a few years.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 18:14, by Esperanza
    Davids rite shyt!!! Sarah is bein a bi**h n’ we all kno it. If shes sooooo busi den dats her own fault oviously she cant handle doin movies n shyt. She shouldnt make da fans dat hav ben thea for her *all thro buffy* suffer. Da fans r da ones dat made her to, so who eva says she made david *angel* famous plez! Da fans made both of dem famous cuz if we woodnt of liked dem den thea shows wood of gone unda n den pplz could tink it wuz becuz dey suckd at actin. I tink dat sarah is a spoiled brat. She be thinkin dat shes relli sumthin but guess wat shes nothin now. Now shes juss gonna be doin lil stupid moviez dat no1 likes like harvard man. She messd evythin up wit leavin/endin buffi n now shes gonna be stupid by not endin angel. Shes gay!! Look at charisma she finished off her character on angel n dat all came out good. It wuz a nice endin for her character i think. So bottem line sarahs a spoiler biotch!!!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 19:01, by Kenny

    Before we all jump to too many conclusions about who is or isn’t right, let’s calm down and take a look at things a little more closely.

    If it’s correct that this was from the January 12th edition, or even if it’s wrong and it was from the February 12th edition, that was still before the news broke that Angel was going to be cancelled. It’s possible that Sarah was unwilling to come back for Angel’s season finale, or for a "one-off TV special," but at that time there would have been no way for her (or anyone else, for that matter) to know that Season 5 was the last Angel season. Now that it’s known that Season 5’s finale is the series finale as well, it’s possible that she might want to come back for it. Angel ending was definitely a shocker, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that she actually is willing to appear on Angel’s finale.

    Additionally, "New Weekly" appears — to me at least — to be kind of a trashy entertainment/sensationalist/tabloid mag, so I don’t know that it’s the most reputable source of information.

  • Listen up "The New Slayer" Sarah didnt make Joss and David famous. She did NOT create the show, or write the scripts. Sarah owes Joss for her fame. And now she’s "too busy" making crappy movies like Scooby Doo to come back to say one last thank you to the fans that escalated her to where she is. She has no respect for her fans and therefore shouldnt recieve any.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 20:24, by Anonymous
    To The New Slayer SHUT UP!! SMG did not make the show! it could have been any other idiot blonde playing buffy and the series would still be great! james marsters constantly states that the success of the show is due to the writing: SMG just happened to catch a good role...
  • Mail Sarah

    17 February 2004 21:18, by Crista

    I think we should mail Sarah about our desire to see her finish what she started by coming on Angel. I might mail Joss before hand to ask for his insight and advice on the situation. Because really I don’t think Sarah is so very busy that she can’t help give closure to her and Spike’s situation. Now that Angel and Cordelia have closure, I feel very strongly about seeing the same thing for Spike.

    I believe these are the most up-to-date addresses to reach Sarah. Please, someone let me know if there is a better address to reach her. Sarah Michelle Gellar C/O International Creative Management 8942 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA Sarah Michelle Gellar C/O Studio Fan Mail 1122 St. Robertson Blvd.#15 Los Angeles, CA 90035 USA

  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    17 February 2004 21:30, by Courtney
    Hello? Who’d WANT Buffy on Angel’s show anyway? Angel is perfectly fine without Buffy. What the show, and Angel himself really needs, is Cordy. I have nothing against Sarah, she’s really great and I’m actually a fan, but Buffy must be one of the most irritating and whiney characters in the entire Jossverse. And to all B/A shippers out there - grow up!
  • He has a right to be pissed off. I am. She needs to get off this movie star trip.Its not like appearing in an episode is a huge commitment. I just wanna thank david for appearing on buffy at the end. It was really great of him to do that for the fans.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 04:02, by Buffy & Angel forever
    I don’t blame him if he is pissed at her. David took time out from his show to be in her finally and I think that it is only fair for her to do the same for him. We all know that SMG has gotten too famous to worry about her fans from Buffy now that she is married and has movies to make. Don’t forget who put you where you are now missy. If it would not have been for the Buffy, Scooby Doo would not have gotten her anywhere. I hope someone can change her mind. Remember that we love you David and you will always be in our hearts even if you have left hers.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 05:42, by Anonymous
    I USE TOO just love David but when he puts Sarah down, that is it, if it where not for HER show he would be a no body I will cont. to watch Angel but only to see James he should not be so mean if she cant do it she cant I would love to see her to but it will not happen.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 05:47, by Diane
    I think that Sarah has every right to not come on the show if she is unable to, and David HAS NO right to be mad at her, if not for her show HE would be a nobody, just like the chick he married, I will no longer watch Angel to see him, but to see James. I hope he has more couth than David.
  • I’ve always wondered why SMG is never in the interviews and special features on the DVD collections when everyone she’s the star.....
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 08:34, by curlygirlmaf
    I still love SMG, but agree that David has every right to be upset with her! I mean come on if Angel ends (and we all still have our fingers crossed looking for the last ray of hope in that area) then we all want to see Buffy make a last appearance. Especially after Andrew shows up, takes the mental slayer and tells Angel no one on Buffy’s side trusts him anymore.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 14:02, by darth dunham

    I don’t know about you but I have every box set on dvd so far, I watch then a lot, to have Sarah come back for the finally would make the story come full circle, please someone agree with me, this show along with BTVS is a Saga, It’s like watching Star Wars & not Having Darth Vader in the final movie What the Hell SMG your getting paid off of reruns & DVD Sales, What ever happened to you on set let it go for 5 min do your part for the many 100’s of 1000’s of fans who love the show,I’m sure your acting career will be intact after a quick stint on Reallity crap telivision, god imagine watching survivor or average joe 2 ugggggg!

    30 yr old male fan

  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 16:23, by Anonymous
    On one hand, It’s not fair! The fans of Angel have been waiting all season for an appearance of Buffy that was promised!! I waited to see Buffy come back, just a little. On the other, she’s done enough for the show. But she still has a responsiblity to her fans to admire these shows so much!!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 16:43, by Anonymous

    Torn very torn... In some ways it seems like Sarah has given Buffy no support at all, she’s always ’too busy’ for conventions and her presence is NEEDED on angel to resolve the damn love triangle, but in other ways I guess it is her choice and she shouldn’t be pressured.

    Very very disappointed...

  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 18:13, by Anonymous
    i think buffy not comming back is really good 4 angel.if only david and angel fans sees it from diff angel.angel is more than buffy n angel can do much better without her
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 18:29, by spiked_and_slayed
    If SMG doesn’t come back for Angel, don’t blame her blame Freddie Prinze Jr. I caught this part of an interview with him on E! He said that he was glad that Buffy was over, that Sarah is too good for television. Looks to me like he probably had a say in her leaving. I mean he is such a huge famous actor and all that (NOT) he was probably just jealous that Sarah has more fans and success with Buffy than he has ever had. (Getting off my soapbox now *G*)
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 19:01, by Angel lover
    I agree 100 percent with David! If it wasn’t for half of the cast on Buffy(David,Alysson,James,Alexis,Nicholas,etc.) there would not have been any Buffy. She should have some respect and make an appearance on Angel!!!!!
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    18 February 2004 19:10, by Anonymous
    Sarah did NOT make Joss and David famous. Joss create the show. Sarah needs to come back to at least say a final farewell to the loyal fans. Ungrateful bitch.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    19 February 2004 13:16, by The only one of us all who has sense(Clare)
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    19 February 2004 13:32, by Matt Jopling
    Finally, someone to speak out to the fans about this. Im greatly disappointed with this turn of events... Sarah Michelle Gellar deserves to give the fans what they want... But i still love the work she is producing away from buffy.
  • > David Boreanaz is furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    20 February 2004 02:55, by Laura.
  • SMG not on Angel.

    21 February 2004 17:36, by Chris
    Listen here everyone, stop calling SMG a bitch. It is really childish and I am getting sick of it. She obviously made plans for this year and she has probably lined a lot of roles so she CAN’T appear on Angel. She said she wouldn’t appear on this season before she heard of its cancellation. She WILL be remembered in a few years time, contrary to what some of you say, and Buffy would not be Buffy like it is today without her, or without any of the other cast members for that matter. So why don’t you all stop being such selfish little brats, she worked her arse off for seven years to bring you Buffy, so show her a little respect and stop being so ungrateful. Angel is a fantastic show on its own, and even though it would be great to see her in the last episode, it will still be great if she isn’t. Angel has a great cast, and they will be more than capable at making the last episode fantastic and one to remember. I don’t see why so many fans of Buffy could turn on her because of a decision she made. Its her life, and her career, and if she had listened to all of the people dictating to her what to do, she probably wouldn’t be as famous as she is today. The cast and crew of both shows have done a fantastic job in the past few years, and if any other TV show could do half as well as Buffy and Angel have done, they should be proud.
  • > David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    22 February 2004 22:42, by guerlane
    I agree that it would be best for the storyline to have Buffy come back for the last episode of Angel but as a fan of SMG I don’t Boreanaz or anyone has a right to be pissed with her about her decision. I think JOSS WHEDON IS A PISSY LITTLE B!TCH!!! My gut feeling is that he keeps his shows in constant danger so that the stars cannot demand producer credits or pay raises (even though SMG said it wasn’t about the money). It’s ridiculous that Buffy was such a huge success and that SMG did not have a Producer credit. That would have allowed her share in the syndication profits. But hey if you constantly don’t know if your going to keep your job, then how can you ask for more. Bottom line, there was no Buffy without SMG. She obviously got sick of constantly wondering what was up with the show and quit. Joss Whedon was a total d!ck to her in the press when she dropped the bomb. He claimed ending the show was his decision and did not pay her the homage she deserved for helping to fatten his coffers and give him a career. In most articles he did not even give her a mention or talk about her importance on the show. Ok, so she is an empowered young woman that took charge of her life and career and paid the price with pissy little Joss. He made her character a total b!tch in the last season and gave them a 1 hour final send-off. Whoopdee fricking do! The Dark Willow season before had a 2-hour finale. My guess is that he does not ask her to comment on the DVDs cause he’s a megalomanical little dweeb. Angel is even worse than Buffy. That poor cast is always wondering when they will have a job. Boreanaz should also be a Producer on his show. But again, how can you ask if you don’t know you’ll have a job. Look at the inferior "Charmed" (I like Charmed, but it’s a little bubble gum) Both of the lead actresses are Producers (Mcgowan came too late) and that show is HEAVILY marketed by the WB. None of Whedon’s shows have ever been marketed to the degree of Charmed and they have larger fan bases. That tells me that Whedon does not know how to play the game with the network brass or chooses not to play it so he can keep as much of the credit and profits for himself. Maybe it’s a little of both. Joss Whedon screwed himself and any chance of SMG coming to Angel when he treated her like sh!t during the last season. She left immediately after filming ended. She was not pictured with Joss. Now he appeals to the PRESS to have her come back. Get over yourself Joss! Ask her yourself you jerk! I can see how Boreanaz may be hurt but his anger is misdirected. Joss Whedon is going to have to apologize and kiss SMG’s arse to get her back. If it were me, I’d tell him to screw himself. But SMG is too nice for Hollywood and does care about the fans. She will probably come back even though Joss Wee-d!ck does not deserve her presence.
  • i have watched every show of buffy and angel and i think it is her duty to show up on the last (possiable) show of angel cause in my opinion shes dragged out this whole love thing way to long and i (personally) wanna see her end up with david. David has every right to be angry i would to.
  • > David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    23 February 2004 09:46, by spikescordy

    I think SMG should show a little support! If not for the character of Buffy then for David and the rest of the Angel cast. I like her, and perhaps she is busy but come on! She could film one or two episodes!

    I mean, I personally, like Angel with Cordelia better but Buffy was the first romantic storyline for Angel so if Whedon wants to take a chance and ask her back, Sarah should readily accept.

  • > David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    26 February 2004 22:14, by lily_9
    I’m a french fan of SMG. I would like you be more understanding because after what I read I think you ’re selfilsh. The end of Angel is a big surprise for everybody (for the fans and the crew and even Joss Whedon himself!)So,before we know the end of Angel, when SMG said she was too busy to come back in Angel she probably thought take 1 year for doing what she wants :making movies and enjoy her new life without Buffy. I think it’s an important period in her life. Making good choice can do the difference: a great carrer or to be forgotten.So when she decides to make The grudge and other stuff I think she decides to start a new carrer letting Buffy to one side.Buffy was a nice period for her but now she wants to "grow up" and make new things.I think she was ready to come back in Angel in the season 6. Like this she could do HER carrer and then participate at Angel for Whedon, her fans, David Boreanaz and the cast of Angel. But unfortunatly, the 5th season is the last season. But what, she has her commitments now! You say that she is selfish to not come back for even 10mn but 10mn on TV is 1,2 days maybe more in the real life and during the making of the last episodes of Angel we don’t know where SMG will be!If she is making a movie she can leave the studio when she wants! Especially if she is in Canada or Japan or England. If she refuses to come back in Angel I will be really sad because I’m an Angel/Buffy fan but I will try to be understanding with SMG because without her (and the cast of Buffy) I would not have fun for 6 years!She’s a great actress and she has a strong personality and she decides to not come back in Angel because she has other commitments I will understand! Of course, if she decides to not come back because she think it’s not a good end for Angel, here I will be a LITTLE angry! Bye! Enjoy Angel show! (sorry for my spelling mistakes!)
  • > David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    27 February 2004 02:38, by Angry at the slayer
    Id, just like to state, if Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t go on angel in respect and gratitute not only to her fans/Buffy fans but to thank David for at least showing up for five minutes on her craptacular 1 HOUR finale i will burn every buffy memoriblia of sarah i have, DVDs, posters shirts, i will pitition at every movie she opens and she will lose a fan. One fan lost isn’t bad but there are more of me and soon shell just sit in her house in five years and regret stopping buffy and or going on Angel. Sarah this is my final plead, Go on angel even for five minutes of airtime Ive supported you for seven years. YOU OWE me and the rest of your fans because i supported you by buying your products seeing your movies, buying the DVDS.
  • > David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    9 May 2004 19:54, by sarah lamonica
    i don’t blame david for being mad. but its up to sarah if she wants to do this. if she doesn’t do this i wont burn her things or get rid of anything i’ll still be one of her BIGGEST fans.if david is gonna stay very mad at her,HE just lost a fan not sarah.
    • RIGHT every1 is getting on a sarah for not goin on the last episode of angel but she wanted to go on its just joss wedon did NOT want the last episode to revolve around a guest star so its not her fault plus i dunt think david would say anything like that hes too nice so stop having a go at sarah have a go at joss he did nt want it to revolve around a guest star so she would have come back for that episode but JOSS DIDN’T want her to
  • > David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    27 September 2005 01:48, by Anonymous
    Omg. Ok first of all she said she would go on Angel, but Joss turned HER down because when she was available HE didn’t want her. So if you are mad at anyone, be mad at Joss. Sarah OFFERED to do an eppisode, but it’s JOSS who said no. Don’t blame Sarah because she was in Japan when he first asked her, and then when she offers he says no.
  • > David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    28 March 2006 22:49, by The Justice Online

    Hi. I think that David is right. Who does she think she is to spit on the series that boosted her off? If it wasn’t for Buffy, she would have been a crappy Hollywood actress, which she is right now, after she left Buffy. She has NO right to disrespect the fans this way. Her fans are loyal, and they expected the same from her, for example, she never gave an interview for her own show, only on season seven, and the other bad thing she did was leave the Buffyverse in such short notice, which caused a CRAPPY series finale, in my opinion IT SUCKED. The least she could do was appear on Angel season 5 finale, cause David appeared on Buffy series finale and it is not fair. I SURELY hope that Joss Whedon decides to do a Faith spinoff, because Dushku is not ungrateful, like Gellar.

    If David is furious I am too, just like many other fans.

  • David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    29 January 2007 01:38, by Buffy-Fan
    I think everyone is forgetting when David gave an interview for some magazine when he said that "Angel" was over Buffy, and that she was no longer his priority. He went on to say that Buffy was a high school crush for Angel, and that Darla was his true soul-mate. He also said some personal things about SMG, like she wears too much red lipstick and her hair has to be pefect all the time. True, he didn’t come out and say her name. He said his "former" co-star. Everyone knew who he was talking about. I, for one am glad she didn’t come to his show. David is just sore cause his show was axed.
  • David Boreanaz furious with Sarah Michelle Gellar ?

    1 June 2007 12:43, by faith4ever
    i feel bad for saying this, but SMG really is a bitch and you can’t deny it. The fame and fortune have really gotten to her and all she thinks about is how great and wonderful she is, and for her to play "Buffy" again would be a waste of her talents and she made that perfecly clear. I used to be a devoted fan of her, but now I see that I like the character "Buffy" and not her, because she shows that "Buffy" and her are the opposite, being "Buffy" the notion of goodness and Sarah the notion of "Bitchness" and I am not surprised that she did this, because it is on her blood and I feel really sorry for her husband, always cleaning up her mess... SMG fans, you are blind or you don’t want to see the truth, and the truth is SMG IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!
  • sarah is like stuck up davids right because he took time off of his show too return too buffy for the final but sarah couldnt even take a few days off her busy schedule to shoot one episode and its not like she would have even played a big part two words pre madonna
  • i think you guys forget, that sarah had to sign a contract for the grudg and that it was shot in japan, so she couldn’t just go over there in like no time, and shooting one episode takes more time than just the 5 minutes that she would be in. besides it’s common knowlege that even if sarah would have been in angel it wouldn’t have given a happy ending, cause that just isn’t like joss. and besides david wasn’t any better, he refused to sign a contract for more seasons of angel after his first contract was over. so i think it’s not fair to blame sarah she did the show a long time and it’s understandeble that she doesn’t want to do it anymore. and that angel showed up in buffy is different than buffy showing up in angel. he was a part of the show for three years all sarah had in angel were like two or three apearences, it would have been stupid to bring buffy in at the angel finale, it wouldn’t have been fair to the rest of the crew. don’t get me wrong i would have loved to have her there but i think it was better this way.
    • In away I think you are all right, coz David did do it for Sarah. But if she signed the contract for the Grudge then whats he gonna do. He should just do it without her. I mean I liked the Buffy and Angel relationship as much as the next person. But you cant shout things like that if you dnt know the full story. I mean wats she gonna do fly bk and forth just so that she can do them both. And technically they would be where they are to day with out each other. So give them both a break, I mean David would have did the same thing if it was the other way round. And they are both my favorite actors, and they are fabulous when it comes down to the movies.