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David Boreanaz in UK - Spoilers

Monday 1 September 2003, by Webmaster

Angel fans were thrilled this weekend by a rare UK convention appearance by the top star himself, David Boreanaz. Wearing glasses, jeans and T-shirt, David looked relaxed as he answered questions and signed a mountain of autographs at The David Boreanaz European Event. As well as chatting about favourite episodes, how he relaxes, directing and the like, he politely turned down the many hundreds of dates he was offered. Now, now ladies, he’s a married man!

One birthday girl had a special surprise when she was invited up on stage by the big man. Sitting with David’s arm around her, she looked like all her presents had come at once.

Asked about how Angel would manage without Cordelia, David said that it was one of the issues addressed at the beginning of season five. He added that we might well see Connor back. "They’re playing with an episode where he comes back, he doesn’t know who I am, which should be interesting." To massive cheers, he also confirmed that Buffy would be appearing on Angel during the next season.

There was also a treat for the cloth-eared - yes, David was persuaded to sing a few bars of Mandy.

Also at the convention were Buffy stars Nicholas Brendon, aka Xander, accompanied by twin brother Kelly Donovan, and Kristine Sutherland, who played Buffy’s mother Joyce Summers in the series. Last but not least, Mark Lutz, the Groosalugg in Angel, was also on stage, keeping everyone laughing with his non-stop wisecracks. Sadly, other work commitments meant that Armin Shimmerman had to cancel his appearance.

Asked about the filming of The Body, Kristine recounted how she’d been presented with her leaving cake whilst made-up as a corpse, and hasn’t had the heart to look at the photographs since. Asked which character he’d most have liked Xander to end up with Nicholas Brendon confirmed what a lot of fans have long thought. "Well, you always have to go for the unattainable," he replied. "So I go for the lesbian. Willow."

Mark Lutz talked about horsing around with Charisma Carpenter in love scenes. "When I did that first scene with her, and she had that bikini made out of coins, I kept pulling five dollar bills out [and saying], ’give change’."

Autograph and photo sessions with the stars, a Once More, With Feeling karaoke session, dealers’ room and a play starring Angel and Spike look-a-likes were also among the attractions on offer for the thousands of fans who attended.

We’ll have clips from the Question and Answer sessions plus a gallery of photos from the convention up later in the week, so check back then for more Angelic action.