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David Boreanaz returning as Angel ?

Clint Morris

Saturday 29 October 2005, by Webmaster

Seems those rumoured “Buffy” and “Angel” spin-off movies mightn’t be TV efforts after all - with the success of DVD premieres these days, they might be going straight to Blockbuster.

"There are serious discussions going on about bringing some of the characters back and making a few movies that will go straight to DVD, but they will certainly be the quality they have always been," Buffy executive producer Marti Noxon tells Sci Fi Wire.

"Joss is the king of jumping mediums, so it is an obvious step for him to do this," Noxon said.

Noxon confirmed that several of the shows past writers, including Drew Goddard, have been contacted about turning in script ideas that would center on the minor characters.

Though Sarah Michelle Gellar isn’t expected to pick up her stake to play Buffy again and Alyson Hannigan’s very busy with her show ‘How I Met your Mother’ (though I hear she’s been asked to participate, and is keen), Noxon says films centering on the characters of Spike (James Marsters) and Angel (David Boreanaz) might be wise, and successful, options to kick off.

I’ll make a prediction and say that Whedon might even continue the “Serenity”/”Firefly” universe as a series of DVD movies too. Not so bad?

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  • > David Boreanaz returning as Angel ?

    30 October 2005 00:19, by anonymous
    Wouldn’t we all? But I still want Eliza back (and maybe Seth too). ;)
  • > David Boreanaz returning as Angel ?

    30 October 2005 02:41, by Headstand Cyclops
    A couple good options for TV- or direct-to-video movies are Faith (of course) and Fray (based on Joss Whedon’s comic book). "Fray" could be either live action or animated.
  • > David Boreanaz returning as Angel ?

    1 November 2005 16:08, by Scoobygang
    New Angel/Spike and Firefly DVDs would be hugely popular and a smart move for everyone. And how about that animated Buffy series going to DVD also?