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David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz talks about his nail polish line

Sunday 10 March 2013, by Webmaster

We know we’d said that Oscars talk was over, but then we heard this pretty amazing tidbit, and just had to share.

It turns out that Jennifer Hudson‘s Oscars nail polish was created by none other than David Boreanaz. Yep, that David Boreanaz, of Buffy, Angel and Bones fame.

The actor tells PEOPLE that his wife, Jaime, and her friend, Melissa [Ravo, and her husband Aaron], developed their Chrome Girl line about a year ago, aiming to make a product that was “trendy, affordable and most of all, safe. Having a daughter who loves painting her nails — this really struck me,” the actor says. “I was behind it all the way.”

Though Boreanaz is busy with his day job, he’s helped in the nail polish process, choosing colors, names and packaging. “It’s a challenge, and I’m loving that,” he says.

So how did the star get his Hard to Get polish into — er, onto — Hudson’s hands? “We actually share the same agent, who has been so supportive of this launch,” he reveals. “She suggested Jennifer, and we loved the idea. She’s stunning and smart and fashionable and bold, and that’s the type of woman to whom our brand is geared toward.”

Hudson was the only Oscars star Boreanaz and his team approached about wearing their nail polish on Sunday — and they’re thrilled things fell into place.

“She rocked [it] and looked amazing,” Boreanaz says. “We couldn’t have asked for a better debut for our polish.”

Chrome Girl hits specialty boutiques and Planet Beauty stores soon, and retails for around $10 per bottle.