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David Boreanaz talks end of Season

Tuesday 11 March 2003, by Webmaster

There are big things happening on ANGEL as the WB series wraps up its fourth season. These include the long-awaited return of Faith (Eliza Dushku), a surprise appearance by Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) and the introduction of a mysterious new character played by Gina Torres (from creator Joss Whedon’s recently cancelled FIREFLY). The WB has also promised an uninterrupted run of episodes, and star David Boreanaz couldn’t be happier. "We’re going from now until the last episode of the season," the actor tells Fango, "so we won’t be pre-empted or changed."

In terms of specific details, Boreanaz is reluctant to give away too much, but promises that the final block of shows will pave the way for some major changes in the series. "Right now, as I’m sure everyone knows, Gina Torres has come over, and we’re in an arc with her right now, so we’re in the middle of doing that, which has been phenomenally strong. Gina is very striking and very talented, and she’s come on board at a good point, which is really going to deliver.

"I believe what Joss Whedon really wants is to start a new era and a new beginning. This year has been very heavy with exposition and characters and deep in story, and what we’re doing right now is setting it up for a new beginning and a different look at Angel for next season. Gina coming in now is going to help us achieve that, in a very dynamic way. I can’t really give much away because that stuff is really going to come out as the episodes unfold, but she plays a very strong character, someone who is very peaceful and loving, but we also see some things behind her that are very diabolical. It just leaves a message to all of our characters that change is coming, and hopefully that change will bring us to a new beginning."