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David Fury - At The Bronze Beta

By Jana

Monday 10 March 2003, by Webmaster

Fury says: (Fri Mar 7 04:24:40 2003) [Edit/Delete]

[sigh] Guys... Don’t you watch BUFFY? The knife Debbie (the bull-****) attacked Faith with was of the Bringers variety.

Ten points for those who picked up on it.

Fury says: (Fri Mar 7 04:29:35 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Happy you liked. Fun to write. I mean, c’mon... Faith.

Fury says: (Fri Mar 7 04:32:56 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Can’t stay. Just stopped by to take the board’s temperature.

Hope you like my next (and last) Buffy half as much. Maybe so since I shared credit with Drew G., that stud.

Anyway, have a good night. Thanks for the birthday wishes.