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David Fury in Dreamwatch Magazine - Spoilers

By Clairel

Tuesday 23 September 2003, by Webmaster

In an interview in Dreamwatch Magazine, David Fury said he is slated for the hundredth episode of AtS (episode 5.12).

He also said some other things that could be considered slightly spoilery...

He said episode 5.7 will be a big episode for Wes in which Wes will do "lots of cool stuff."

Fury said the Angel-Spike relationship will be written as a relationship of two brothers, with Angel the older and more successful brother, and Spike the younger brother who does a lot of heroic things but doesn’t get as much appreciation as he ought to.

He said if SMG ever actually guest stars then they will deal with the two guys’ jealousy over Buffy, but as long as she’s not present they’re going to leave that issue alone.

From Assb :

In an interview with this months DreamWatch Magazine David Fury said that he will write and direct Episode 100 in addition to writing episode 5:08.

another point he makes about budget is... — Fraz, 08:40:00 09/23/03 Tue

He states that the budget they have for ATS this year is similar to what they had on BTVS for Season one!!!

The result of this is that they are having to come up with stories that can be told almost entirely in the W+H offices because they cannot afford to go anywhere else. David says a lot of effort is going into maintaing the classy look of the show despite the budget cut. They hope to so some Angel/Spike flashbacks to their history together but they might not be able to afford it, in which case the scenes will be of A + S chatting about old times in abar.

The writers are approaching the Angel/Spike relationship as one between an older successful brother (Angel) and his younger brother who does the heroics but gets nothing for it. If they can get SMG they will deal with the jealosy over her but it is an issue that will never be resolved but they will try to find a way to live with each other.

He says that in Episode 7 Wes "does a lot of cool things" and that the episode will be an important one for Wes.

Worryingly there are some hints that although they still expect to do the full 22 episodes this year it is still possible that the WB could finish things sooner if the show does not do well.