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David & His Wife - People Magazine Titbits

Wednesday 19 November 2003

David and Jaime with a small titbit in People Magazine: (Thanks to Mery for sending this to TDBUK)

In an article was called Just the Two of Us: We asked celebrity couples to reveal their special song.

David Boreanaz & Jaime Bergman: Pink Floyd’s ’Wish You Were Here’

"On our first date I mentioned I liked Pink Floyd, and when we got ready to go home, he had the CD in his car," says Bergman.

Rena Owen who guested as Dinza on Angel was reunited with him, playing a supporting character, on his last project: The Wicked Prayer. This is what she had to say about working with David in an interview with Chud.com

" Oh yeah, I love David. I’m a huge fan. All my scenes were with David [on Angel] and of course I got to work with him again on Crow 4. I didn’t have any scenes directly with him, but of course we hung out and caught up. I’m a huge fan of David’s; he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with. And I think he should have an enormous successful film career, because he’s just got all the qualities of a leading man, you know? He’s such a nice guy, he’s a fantastic guy."