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Deluxe Spike and Angel action figures set "Destined" for Greatness !

Thursday 5 January 2006, by Webmaster

Even though both Buffy and Angel won’t have new episodes coming any time soon, the upcoming Deluxe Angel and Spike figures aren’t slowing down! After a brisk sculpting and approval process, these amazingly articulated vampires are scheduled to make their public debut during February 2006’s American International Toy Fair. Since two months is a long time to wait, we thought fans would appreciate a few more details about everyone’s favorite vampires with souls.

Due to be released in the Summer of 2006, the core assortment of figures will contain super-articulated versions of Angel and Spike from “Destiny.” Fans will surely be pleased with interchangeable arms, removable jackets and awesome accessories taken right from the episode!

The Deluxe Series 2 assortment will also feature a first for DST - each case will contain one battle damaged short pack figure of both Spike and Angel in each case! Images of all the new Deluxe Angel and Spike figures will be released during February 2006’s Toy Fair along with images of the exclusive versions from both Buffy and Angel.