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Denisof Pleasantly Surprised at ’Angel’ Renewal

Tuesday 10 June 2003, by Webmaster

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - One of the worst things about being a TV actor is waiting to hear whether or not the network is going to pick up your show for another season. Especially anxious are cast members of an "on the bubble" show that could go either way.

Alexis Denisof, who stars as button-up Slayer Watcher turned bad-ass demon hunter on The WB’s "Angel," had his own strategy to cope with waiting for the network’s 11th hour decision as to whether it would bring the series back for a fifth season.

"What I did is just prepare myself for them canceling the show, and so when they picked it up it was a pleasant surprise," he tells Zap2it.com. "That way I felt like I wouldn’t be disappointed."

In the end, thanks to the producers ability to sign "Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s" popular character Spike (played by James Marsters) to a full season of episodes as well as convince The WB they had an exciting new direction in which to take the show, "Angel" was renewed right before the network upfront presentation to advertisers in May.

Denisof says he’s making use of his hiatus to spend quality time with his fiancée and sometime co-star Alyson Hannigan ("Buffy" ).

"I’m having a wonderful time with my fiancée. It’s the first time that we’ve both had time off," he says.

However, he may also try to fit in a movie or play before returning to the "Angel" set.

"There’s a script that I’m kind of interested in and we’re talking about that, some theater projects came up," he said. "But I decided that I didn’t want to be too far away from home with the short time off that we have before we start next season."