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Discovering David Boreanaz - Funny Comment

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by Webmaster

Discovering David

A very amusing comment from David about his manager, Tom, and how being mistaken for a gay man made him a star.

"At that time I was in a period of my life where I was looking for a manager. I wanted to find someone who could push me to a certain level. I put that energy out there, and not only did I get a manager, I got a great friend and a brother who took me to some really great places. And I’m still with that manager.

So there is truth to that story. I was walking my dog. It was in West Hollywood. I wasn’t gay, but he was. So the truth is that I think he was cruising me [laughs]! And when I went in and met with him he said, "I’m going to date you or turn you into something." But the dating aspect never happened - I’ll set the record straight."