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"Dollhouse" Comic Book - Dark Horse thinks about it

Saturday 3 April 2010, by Webmaster

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

THE SKINNY: At the first day of Wondercon 2010, the panel for Dark Horse Comics revealed that the company is thinking about doing a DOLLHOUSE comic book spin-off.

According to Dark Horse Comics director of publicity Jeremy Atkins, talks have been on-going with creator Joss Whedon (who once said there would be no comic book future for the franchise), but Dark Horse notes the wounds are still too fresh from Fox’s cancellation of the series after two season.

“Joss got his heart broken again," says Atkins. "Here he had another series that was loved by fans and that people rallied behind but was cancelled.”

However, once everything is sorted out, the Dark Horse team, which has been behind the successful Season Eight comic book reboot of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, they affirm that they have some great ideas for bringing DOLLHOUSE into the comic realm.

So what does this mean in a nutshell.

Have they talked to Joss? Yes.

Is there a comic in development? No.

Could there be one in the near future: Maybe.