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Dollhouse Doll in TWoP’s Most Valuable Performers of 2009

Saturday 12 December 2009, by Webmaster

Enver Gjokaj as Victor, Dollhouse

It’s hard to believe that every single episode of Dollhouse (aside from a few stragglers at the end) aired in 2009, but it makes it easy to say why we think Gjokaj is the MVP. While Eliza Dushku and Dichen Lachman get to play both tough and timid as dolls Echo and Sierra, it’s Gjokaj’s Victor who gets the funniest (and often meatiest) programming. Hell, we didn’t even know he was a doll at first — he was just some Russian informant! — but then we saw him get his treatment, and our minds were blown. And thank God he was a doll, because while his federal agent and British romantic characters are good, it was when they put that serial killer’s mind in his body that his skills really shone, and he topped himself later in that same episode by playing a ditzy female college student who just wants to dance. The best of all, though, was when nerdy Topher had to go to D.C., and left his best man in charge in L.A. — Victor with Topher’s brain. Gjokaj’s Topher impersonation was spot-on and hysterical, and their phone conversations were amazing and eerie. — Zach Oat


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