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Done The Impossible - A Fan Made Documentary of Firefly and Serenity

Sunday 6 August 2006, by Webmaster

This is just amazing! A fan made documentary ranging from pre-Firefly to post-Serenity has been made... and man it looks good. The film is called "Done the Impossible" and you can order your DVD copy of the film here.

Here is a little bit from the official site about the project:

The story of the rise and fall and rebirth of the cult TV show "Firefly," as told from the perspective of the fans who helped save it. The creators of FireflyMovie.com (a.k.a. SerenityMovie.net) have teamed with with a group of creative professionals / Firefly fans to tell our story, the fan’s story - the story of the Browncoats. This professional quality production, shot in high-definition, will be released on DVD soon.

Firefly has grown beyond just the genius of Joss Whedon — just as he intended it to. In many ways the words Firefly and Browncoat have come to symbolize a sense of community, family, and believing that the impossible can be accomplished. These concepts are at the very heart of Firefly and of its fans.

In this documentary, the fans explain what inspired them to become passionate about Firefly, to help save Firefly, attend shindigs, participate in message boards, donate to charities, and become Serenity extras. They talk about the many ways that Firefly has affected their lives. Cast and crew also share humorous and insightful experiences with the fans.

That all sounds great. But here’s where it gets even better. Even though you can buy the DVD with TONS of extra features and better quality... if you want you can LEGALLY download (via bittorent) the movie for FREE! Yes... for free!

I LOVE that idea. I was actually thinking about maybe doing the same thing when my film (The Prince of Peace - The God of War) was finished. Now if you’ll excuse me... I’m off to start downloading this thing.