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Dreamwatch Mag #109 October 2003 UK


Dreamwatch October 2003 - Season 5 Spoilers

By Deborahw37

Thursday 28 August 2003, by Webmaster

Eliza on Front Cover Db in inset Spike/ Harmony on contents page and the mag is simply stuffed with Buffy stuff , interviews with Eliza ,Mercedes and Andy alias faith Harmony and Lorne and also a long interview/’article with Jeffrey Bell and loads of snippets and bits and bobs.. If I wasn’t rushing to get ready to go on leave I’d do a better job of transcribing and summarising . But anyway I’ve tried to pull out a few interesting bits.. It’s an unashamedly Spike centric summary because I’m erm unashamedly Spike centric but other factions will find loads of stuff in the mag.. go buy it.

1. New season article leading with a half page on Angel Photos of Angel and Spike and a plot summary for the past four seasons spoilers about the new season but nothing you didn’t know or that isn’t in the next bit

2 " Raising The Stakes" Jeffrey Bell talking to Tara D,lullo about the season 4 arc and it’s inaccessibility to new fans sop Joss pitched a whole new direction for season five the team taking over Wolfram and Hart.. nice discussion but I have to transcribe this bit

" The WB liked the concept along with the idea of adding Buffy’s other souled vampire Spike ( James Marsters) as a full time Angel cast member which is in theory an immense challenge considering that Spike burned to ashes in the series finale of Buffy " Yeah he was more dead than not dead" Bell laughs before adding that it’s all part of Whedon’s plan " He Knew for quite a while that Spike was going to get a big fiery glorious death , he knows how he wants to bring Spike into the show in a way that doesn’t take way from what Spike went through at the end of last year" " We know what we’re are going to do and, as with all of Josses characters how aperson is when they first show up and who and what they are at the end may be different However Spike shows up Just remember that this is a Joss Whedon show .and anything is possible"


" A natural decision based on life and story changes , Charisma is irreplaceable she has a very unique ability and her character arc came through an amazingly complex roller coaster ride.. it is not a story arc that we have forgotten and it is something we will play off"

mentions that he hopes that Charisma will be able to make appearances if her schedule and life allow.


" We always envisaged Connor as Mordred ( From The Arthurian legend) says Bell, he was the son that rises up against the father , But when we paired him up with Cordy last year it became clear that there was no way to buy any of that back , so living him a happy ending was a way to save him because we couldn’t redeem him"


" This season is much more a question of " Why are we at Wolfram and Hart?" and " What is the price" Every handful of episodes a show will revolve around that and the question is " Will our people be corrupted?" And I don’t mean will they do something bad but I mean truly lose their souls


" They have a very complicated relationship , it can’tjust be them snarking at each other it has to be more interesting and complicated than that , all of our characters are going to be put into situations where they are going to have to make interesting moral choices"


"The WB dis some research nad showed that only 25% of Buffy viewers watched our show , so part of beinging Jmaes over was to say " look over here" as well as the idea of bringing other people from the Buffyverse from time to time over the course of the year"

" We hope to have Sarah come in and do a couple of episodes. To have the man she loves and loved once and the man she hated and loved and loved many times both have to compete for her is just good television

" Lets be honest we have the weirdest show on Tv"

trust me that was a tiny fraction of the stuff in the interview I wish I had time to do it justice.. sorry I also haven’t time to do The Eliza interview but if you’re an Eliza fan its well worth reading.. lots about Tru Calling and also about Buffy and her role as Faith maybe someone over at Eternal Eliza or somewhere can get a transcript done?

MERCEDES MCNAB Again this is just a snippet of a very good lengthy interview .. she

Gets pulled out og The typing pool to be Angels receptionist and she seems to be trying to be good so Angel and her are cool She mentions Spikes " Heroic " demise and says about James Marsters

" He is awesome to work with and everybody is excited to have him on the show obviously , We’re playing off each other a little bit but not too much yet , Harmony is just realising that " oh yaeh they had a past" and so she’s very excited to see him ( seems that Harmony may have some amnesia Mercedes mentions her not quite remembering stuff) And then it starts to hit her how mean he had been to her so that’s developing now , I don’t really see a romantic relationship going for them in the near future"


Again a nice interview and I loved thius bit

Joss called and said " Hopefully we’ll be back next season but if the show doesn’t get picked up I want you to have the opportunity to say that you were a regular , because it feels like you are " I Thought it was really nice that he took that into consideration because putting that on your resume looks a lot better.. and God knows Joss has enough to worry about"


Reviews of the Buffy 7.2 amd Angel4.2 box sets ( positive reviews 8/10 and a competition to win Buffy and Angel stuff It’s a great read this month , if you can get hold of a copy do so