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From Holygroundforum.net


Dresden Files and James Marsters on TV ?

By MacK MW

Wednesday 10 September 2003, by Webmaster

Well, maybe, anyway. Wanna help?

First, for those who are totally confused: Jim Butcher is the author of a series of *supernatural mysteries* about Harry Dresden, the only consulting wizard employed by the Chicago PD. The fifth book in the series, "Death Masks", was just released this summer and is doing really well!

James Marsters recorded the audio version of the first book, "Storm Front" and fans kinda went wild! (Yes, including moi. It’s perfect bedtime listening...highly recommended.) The second book "Fool Moon" is now also on CD and is also terrific! That voice.... mmmm.... just wonderful!

Anyhow, James was working on "Spiderman" with Morgan Gendel, mentioned the Dresden books, Gendel optioned same, and voila! The result is that there *could* be a tv series!

Now Jim Butcher is trying to get the word out and yes, it’s fine to re-post his message anywhere and everywhere! He just wrote a friend, saying:

"Yes yes yes, a billion times yes! The whole point of the letter is to get word out to as many people as possible. If anyone else asks you about it, tell them that I said yes yes yes a billion times yes. Scream it from the rooftops, the louder the better."

LOL! So here it is!

Get those e-mails out! Tell all your friends! We NEED the Dresden Files and we NEED James Marsters as Harry! (And forget the bit about Jim saying that Harry is supposed to be freakishly tall - James can ACT tall! LOL!)

Cathy (still bouncing with glee!)

PS: There’s a great mailing list for Jim’s Dresden books (and where Jim posts regularly) at: http://www.iago.net/pipermail/mcanallys/


From: Jim Butcher Subject: [mcanallys] BIG ANNOUNCEMENT To: mcanallys@iago.net

Hey guys!

Let’s cut straight to the chase: the Dresden Files are on the home stretch in Hollywood.

In two weeks, Morgan Gendel, together with Nick Cage’s production company, Saturn Films, will be meeting with some heavyweight network types about the Dresden Files. Morgan is aiming at an hour-long weekly series, and if the suits like the idea and think it could be a winner, they’ll buy it, and it will be the real deal.

It’s more than I ever dreamed or really hoped might happen to my career, or to the stories I wrote.

But let’s give credit where credit is due: you guys, the fans, are the ones who really made the Dresden Files fly. I know that there are more than a few people out there who have proselytized the books with fanatic intensity, rearranged bookstores, casually loaned copies out to hook a new reader, or otherwise gone out of their way to spread good words about my work. I do not doubt that there are some people out there who have spent more time selling other people on my work than I have writing it. Thank you.

Others have come to the books more recently, through the dulcet readings of the good Mister Marsters, and James’ fans are more than simply welcome. They’ve been an enormous boost in terms of sales and a worried young writer’s morale. So also to the more recent Marsters fans who have helped me out, again, thank you.

That said, I need everyone’s help. :)

One of the critical factors in the negotiations over the series will be the presence (or lack thereof) of a grassroots fanbase for the series. IE, the suits want to know that SOMEONE is going to want to watch this show. So I got together with Morgan, and here’s the deal. He’s setting up an email address for the sole purpose of receiving mail from fans in support of the books as a series.

Let me say that in a slightly different way: FANS are going to have some say over whether or not this show is going to go into production, as WELL as over who might be approached to be cast in the series.

How many SciFi fan groups have rallied together in an effort to save their favorite cancelled show? It worked once, with original Star Trek. Other efforts were made with equal intensity but lacked success, and the corpses of shows like B5: Crusade, Farscape, Beauty and the Beast, Jules Verne, and many, MANY others now lay in the Hallowed Halls of Syndication or are lost in the Catacombs of Obscurity.

But I don’t think ANY of them had a fan base helping them get STARTED.

This is pretty much a historical first, guys. For people who have longed to have a voice of any kind in the future of SF television, here is a place to begin. If you want to see the Dresden Files launched as a television series, you need to send email to the address below and SAY SO. If you want a particular actor playing a particular role (*kaffkaff*MarstersasDresden*kaffkaff*), you also need to send email to the below address and SAY SO.

A strong fan presence behind the Dresden Files is going to make a huge difference when everyone bellies up to the negotiating table. I mean come on, how many producers could show film execs a few thousand fan emails for a show that hasn’t even been CREATED yet. :) What’s more, if that same fan presence has a strong desire to see a particular actor playing the part, it is going to send a big old message to the producers, who will treat that desire seriously.

At the end of this email, I’m including a template email that you can use to send to the fan-support mailbox for the Dresden Files going to TV. Feel free to write your own should you wish, but I want to provide the template so that all you will need to do is cut and paste the template below, filling in your own answers.

I cannot stress enough how perfectly serious I am about this. If Dresden is to hit the screen, I will need as much support (and as many emails) as we can possibly get. So don’t feel you have to be a member of a fan club or mailing list to send in your opinion. You don’t. Your opinion counts just as much as everyone else’s, and I urge everyone who loves SF&F television to lend their voice to Dresden’s cause, and to asks other fans of the genre to do the same. :)

This is beyond exciting, and of course I will keep the list posted as I get new information. Email template follows.




To: "Dresden Files E-mail" Subject: Dresden Files Television Series

Dear Morgan,

I am in favor of the production of the Dresden Files to television and/or movies!

On a scale of one to ten, I would watch the series with the following frequency. _______ ("1—Eh, whenever" to "10—Each and every week, possibly in costume.")

Given a choice of actors to play the part of Harry Dresden, I think that

would be an excellent choice.