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Drew Goddard on the Bronze Beta, Dec 9 2003

Thursday 11 December 2003, by Webmaster

Drew Goddard says: (Tue Dec 9 23:47:53 2003) Okay gang — I’ve been getting into the hooch again. Who wants spoilers?

Drew Goddard says: (Wed Dec 10 00:13:19 2003) First of all, let me just rant for a second. No new Angel until January? What the hell are we paying you people for!

(Did you guys like the end of Destiny? I thought that was pretty cool myself. When I saw the first rough cut of that episode I jumped out of my seat and kissed Fury right on the mouth.)

Drew Goddard says: (Wed Dec 10 00:35:09 2003) Okay, so since we know you’ve all been sitting around wondering what House each member of the writing staff would be in if he/she were to attend Hogwarts, we went ahead and compiled that data. Just for you, our beloved fans:

Joss - Gryffindor Jeff - Gryffindor Fury - Hufflepuff Ben - Ravenclaw Liz - Ravenclaw Sarah - Ravenclaw Steve - Slytherin Drew - Slytherin

At first, the Sorting Hat thought Steve might belong in Hufflepuff, but ultimately it decided on Slytherin for him. And apparently I’ve got Malfoy lineage in me or something, because I didn’t even get to sit down before I heard “Slytherin.” Which is fine with me - Gryffindor are a bunch of shinefaced wizards’ pets. I hope they rot.

Drew Goddard says: (Wed Dec 10 00:58:49 2003)

Christopher Marlowe - I do know a lot of good submarine movies. Funny you should ask. I’d have to say Das Boot is my favorite. I love those German men. Let me say that again, just to be clear: I love German men. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Wolfgod - you know what’s happening in episode 13? Crap. This new system of keeping things a secret by posting script pages on the internet just isn’t working out for us. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

Uh oh. I have to go work for a little while. Back in a bit.