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Drew Greenberg - At The Bronze Beta

Wednesday 30 April 2003, by Webmaster

Warning! Possible Spoilers!!

Drew Z. Greenberg says: (Tue Apr 29 04:02:56 2003)

Angel 101: You’ve heard "Empty Places" is an excellent episode? Who are your sources? Did I pay them enough? Obviously, yes, yes I did.

Dachelle: You delicious vixen. You haven’t been added to my club yet? Paks is STILL withholding, and not just from me now??? We have to find out what’s upsetting Paks.

CarpeDi: Oh, you know, I look better without the head.

Guys, Mama Greenberg is calling, apparently, Mr. Personality has started... I gotta poof, but I miss you all, I’ll try to jump back on soon to say hello.

^ Drew Z. Greenberg says: (Tue Apr 29 03:57:31 2003)

Y Slay: Happy? I’m kind of awed and humbled and agog, actually. I STILL don’t believe they let me in. I know, most of you probably can’t believe they let me in, either.

Ouro and EverDawn: I have a really good sense of smell. Or, wait, no... I just smell really good. One of those things. Anyway, you can’t hide the pie is what I meant.

Bawston: Forget you? Of course not. Never. I might forget Rebecca, which is why I’ve sewn her little picture inside my jacket lining. Don’t tell her, she’ll freak out.

Chuck Waldo: I do have something in the works for Life AB (After Buffy), but I gotta stay quiet for now. Anyone who wants to cross fingers or whatever... please do so now.

Kaymyth: HA! Made you cry! You guys are so easy...

^ Drew Z. Greenberg says: (Tue Apr 29 03:49:34 2003)

Wolfguard: Hey back!!

Carpe: I KNOW. And poor Paul. Poor, clueless, about-to-be-recast Paul.

Dogtrot: I think some people are gonna cry, some people are gonna cheer. Some people are gonna be pissed, but I think those are the ones who woke up on the wrong side of the bed and should just take a deep breath and relax anyway. Some people are gonna be giddy, but there might be controlled substances involved. I’ll tell ya what... I never cry. Ever. It’s a thing, goes back to my childhood and an incident in second grade, I’ll tell you guys about it some time, but for right now? I never cry. And when Joss handed us the outline? I cried. Cried like Steve DeKnight finding out they cancelled Knight Rider. Just from the outline. Just saying.

^ Drew Z. Greenberg says: (Tue Apr 29 03:41:05 2003)

Hey, Jenna! No, sadly, I won’t be able to attend the AICN party. I’ll be out of town for the finale, which bums me out, mostly `cause I wanna see how funny Herc is. I hear he’s really, really funny. So funny. But it sounds like fun, are you going?

Chris M.: Pic? Of us? Paks? Are you withholding love from me? I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you... only one way to settle this. Someone’s gonna hafta arm wrestle.

Y Slay: Heya! Just, you know... hangin’ out... running away from LA for a bit after watchin’ a beloved show end a seven-year run, that kinda thing. Went to see the ol’ hometown so I can cry my eyes out in peace, you know...!

^ Drew Z. Greenberg says: (Tue Apr 29 03:32:04 2003)

Hello, Board! Just a quick pop-in to say hello. Also, I thought I heard someone say something about pie.