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Easter egg on "Serenity" DVD

Anna Johns

Wednesday 18 January 2006, by Webmaster

The news service over at Sci Fi channel has an interview with Loni Peristere, visual-effects supervisor for Serenity, who reveals how to find the easter egg on the DVD. Here’s how:

* In the main menu, highlight ’Play’

* Press left on your remote

* A marker on the right side of the menu will highlight

* Press enter

The easter egg is a short featurette about how Joss Whedon and others came up with the advertisement for the Fruity Oaty Bar, which triggers a violent reaction from River. We actually get to see the entire, very strange, commercial. Beware: the jingle will get stuck in your head!

The interview with Peristere is really more about the hope that he and many others share that DVD sales of the movie will be enough to get a sequel made. After all, it was strong sales of the short-lived series, Firefly, that got the movie on the big screen in the first place.

4 Forum messages

  • > Easter egg on "Serenity" DVD

    19 January 2006 04:41, by CordeliaChse
    I personally can’t figure out for the life of me how the whole Easter Egg thing works. I tried ’highlighting’ Play on the main menu but there’s no option to highlight with a remote. Neither is there when I play the DVD on my computer, so unless the directions are clearer, I don’t see how others can possibly be viewing the Oddie bar commercial.
  • > Easter egg on "Serenity" DVD

    20 January 2006 03:52, by Anonymous
    I tried to do it on my comp, and it worked fine. Move the cursor so it hovers over the play and push the left arrow from the cursors on your keyboard. One of those triangular things with the circles in it along the right side border then turns red. Click it and voila! Fruity Oaty Bar :)
  • > Easter egg on "Serenity" DVD

    24 January 2006 15:02, by Anonymous
    I’ve never been able to get to the Easter eggs on ANY DVD! It’s quite frustrating! Why don’t they just put them on as extras like all the other features.
  • > Easter egg on "Serenity" DVD

    7 February 2006 01:04, by Anonymous
    It’s also on the PSP version under special features