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Ecw Press signs guidebooks to Angel and Alias

Friday 21 November 2003, by Webmaster

ECW Press is proud to announce the signing of two new television guidebooks to their list. The first will be a companion guide to the show Angel, written by Nikki Stafford. Stafford, author of the best-selling Bite Me! An Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"I attended a few conventions this past summer as both a fan and an author, and I kept hearing the same two questions over and over, says Stafford. "Will you be re-releasing Bite Me! with season seven of Buffy?? and Why did you put such short episode guides to Angel?? I love Angel as much as Buffy, but because Bite Me! was intended to be a guidebook to Buffy (and with full Angel episode guides it would have been over 500 pages long) I focused on Buffy instead. As for re-releasing Bite Me! with only one new season in it, it wouldn’t be fair to ask people to plunk down their money to buy the same book with only 50 new pages in it! So I decided to do this book instead.

Stafford’s new guide to Angel will feature full episode guides for seasons one through five, and will also include, as a bonus, season seven of Buffy to complete the episode guide on that show. It will also feature best Angel Web sites and mailing lists, and a rundown of the 2003 Posting Board Party in L.A. "I’m hoping this book could be as much a companion to Bite Me! as it is a guide to the show. The book is due in stores in September 2004.

Stafford will also be co-writing a book on Alias with Robyn Burnett. "I’m a big fan of her previous book on Roswell and thought it would be a lot of fun to work with a fellow writer and fan on this book."

Burnett has been a professional writer for several years, and has done diverse work for ECW Press. She is the author of Crash Into Me: The World of Roswell and co-author of A Chance for Life: The Suzanne Giroux Story . She most recently finished A Journey of Spiritual Awakening with psychic Judy Brown. She is excited to be working on another television guide. "Alias is a fantastic show with an incredibly talented cast, says Burnett. "I was a loyal fan before the book idea came up, so this is a treat for me. I’m also thrilled to be working with Nikki as I have always found her books to be both insightful and entertaining.

Aside from extensive biographies on Jennifer Garner and the other cast members, the book will feature an episode guide chronicling the first three seasons of the successful show, as well as a chapter on the history of the show itself, some interesting tidbits on the CIA, favorite Alias Web sites, the show?s fan following, and more. The guide to Alias is also due in September 2004.

Both books will be unauthorized analytical guides to the show, and will not be affiliated with Twentieth-Century Fox, the WB network, or ABC.