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Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku - "On Broadway" Movie - The shooting is in progress

Thursday 11 May 2006, by Webmaster

Waltham location lures local actors

Shooting for "On Broadway" continued yesterday at the Waltham pub The Skellig, with Watertown native Eliza Dushku joining the cast of the low-budget film that includes former New Kid Joey McIntyre, Jill Flint, and Bob Wahlberg. McIntyre plays Jack O’Toole, an Irish-American playwright who’s trying to stage a production in the back of the pub. The story is loosely based on writer-director Dave McLaughlin’s own experiences while producing ’’God Willing" nine years ago in the back of the Burren in Somerville. Local actors joining the cast include three award-winning stage actresses: Nancy E. Carroll plays Joey Mac’s mom; Dossy Peabody portrays an actress in the pub production; and Annette Miller is Aunt Grace. Also on the set was Dave Farrell, lead singer for Rubyhorse. And Joey Mac’s sister Judy McIntyre has a cameo in the film, as does filmmaker Bobby Farrelly’s wife, Nancy.