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Emma Caulfield

Emma Caulfield Recap From Howard Stern For "Darkness Falls"

By Nick

Saturday 11 January 2003, by Webmaster

Actress Emma Caulfield came in to promote her new movie ’’Darkness Falls.’’

As soon as she came in Howard said there was some controversy among the guys as to whether or not she’s hot. Howard has been saying she’s hot all along but some of the other guys don’t think she’s that good looking. When Emma sat down Howard said that Benjy was saying some stuff about her that wasn’t all that nice. She let them tell her what he was saying though and it was harsh. He said she looked like she had fetal alcohol syndrome or something because she was too skinny and her head was too small. Stuttering John also said she was only a 7.5 on a scale of 10. They all argued about it for quite a while. Howard said he thought she was a 9 out of 10. She eventually took her jacket off and that seemed to change Benjy’s opinion a bit. He’s a mess himself though so when Emma finally saw him she didn’t seem to think his opinion mattered much anymore. Benjy also said there was something about her teeth and hair that wasn’t quite right.

Howard eventually moved on to talk to Emma about sex and other good stuff. She actually asked him if they could move on to talk about anal instead of picking her apart. Emma said that she has tried anal more than twice in her life and she enjoys it. She also talked about getting married at the age of 22 to a guy who was 15 years older than her. She said she knew the marriage wouldn’t last when they were on their honeymoon. She said she stayed with the guy for 3 years though.

Emma talked about her experiences on ’’Beverly Hills 90210’’ which she worked on for a short time. Howard read that she didn’t get along with Tiffany Thiessen when she was on the show. Emma didn’t want to talk about that though but she eventually did. She said that Tiffany didn’t like her from the first day she was on the set. She said she heard about some things she said about her on the set that weren’t very nice. She didn’t get into too many details but did say she didn’t get along with her.

Howard also talked to Emma about her new movie ’’Darkness Falls’’ which opens on January 24th. She also talked about why she’s leaving ’’Buffy the Vampire Slayer’’ when this season is over. She said it’s just time to move on and her contract is up this season anyway.

Howard took some phone calls and talked to Emma about her sex life before getting Mike Walker on the phone to play his game. Howard found out she has a new boyfriend and he’s an actor. Artie tried to guess who it was and said Rick Moranis. Emma was fed up with him by this point so she told him she just wanted him to go away. Artie said he wasn’t Benjy who she had confused him with earlier. She said the two of them were interchangeable though. Howard ended up asking Emma if she wears underwear and if she shaves down completely. She said she hates underwear and never wears it and is shaved. Howard also told her about how if she were his girlfriend he’d put her over his knee and spank her. Emma seemed to take it all pretty well and had fun with Howard.

Additional Info that I’m writting:

She said that she’s 29 and that the guy she’s now dating is 6 years younger then her and that he’s an actor but wouldn’t say who he is but that he’s been in some movies, but isn’t that famous.

Howard asked Emma if she went to SMG wedding and she got uncomfortable but eventually admitted she didn’t but she would have gone if invited. Howard asked if anyone else from the show or if Joss was invited or went and she was uncomfortable again but said she didn’t really think they went or were invited but she wasn’t sure. She didn’t really want to talk about that. But she insisted that SMG is nice and that they get along and that SMG probably just wanted a small wedding; which she understood because hers was small too. Howard thought it was weird though because he thought that you would want the people you work with there.

She also talked about how she dressed up like a school girl with a plad skirt, white shirt and Mary Jane shoes for a boyfriend and was bent over his knee and spanked.

She said she lost her virginity at 17 to a guy who was 6’9" and that it was very painful and that the guy was huge and she couldn’t really take him and that they only had sex twice before the relationship was over.

Just before leaving Howard brought up the fact that her and a friend were almost killed on New Years by a drive by shooting and that they should have been killed but some how they survived. She said they were on their way back to her house when a car pulled up in front of hers and opened fire on her car in day light and drove off and that when the police got there, there were about 45 bullet shell casings all around. Emma said they think they mistook her or her car for someone else. Emma said how two of the bullets should have killed them beacause one went through the windshield and was level with her friends heart but for some reason it didn’t hit her and the other bullet almost hit her in the back. Emma said that she always carries a religious type of rosary or medal with and for some reason when the incident was over she realised it was in her hand and didn’t remember ever getting it out of her purse. She said that when it was all over she couldn’t help but laugh and was in such a good mood just to be alive. They asked if she had had counselling and she said no and that people tell her she’s going to have a delayed reaction.

In the end she brought Howard a BTVS stuffed Anya bunny rabbit for his birthday and told Robin how pretty she thought she was.

She was a really good guest, real honest and open.