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From BBC.co.uk

Buffy’s future still in doubt

dimanche 12 janvier 2003, par Webmaster

Industry insiders continue to cast doubt on the future of Buffy beyond season seven.

E ! Online,s Watch, in her Watch With Wanda column, claims that it’s increasingly doubtful that star Sarah Michelle Gellar will sign on for more episodes, despite recent claims that star is being offered $750,000 per story to carry on slaying.

"It’s the general feeling around set that this will be the end of it," a source on the Buffy set reportedly told Wanda. As for a spin-off, "The problem is the cast members who would work best aren’t really that interested. I think they want to just move on. It’s time."

Meanwhile, Marti Noxon told Entertainment Weekly’s website : "A show with no Sarah is a spin-off. We can’t call it Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Her Friends and Family or Buffy’s Vampire Ex-Boyfriend. This season feels really strong - we feel like we’re hitting all cylinders," she added.

"But I have mixed feelings about going on." admits Noxon. "I want to do work I feel proud of before the idea of killing vampires is like sticking a hot poker in my eye."

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