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End Of Angel Series Is A Good Thing - Kaine’s Review

By Kaine

Sunday 4 April 2004, by Webmaster

"I realise this is an unpopular stance and one that last week i wouldn’t have agreed with myself but i’m actually starting to think that overall Angel ending this year will be the best thing for the Slayerverse in general. Here’s why...

Firstly, and most importantly, everything that is happening this season makes it feel more and more like the final season. From day one Angel’s big bad has been Wolfram and Hart so what better way for Angel to end than by taking the Senior Partners down with their own company. I’m purposely not going to put spoilers in this post but from everything i’ve read that is precisely the theme of this season. If that is the case then who would be a bigger big bad for Angel to face if the show was to continue? Only maybe The First and that’s been done. I really feel like this will be the ultimate battle for the Fang Gang and so a great place to end this phase of Angel’s life. If they can write an ending for the show in a similar way to how Buffy ended with the Scoobies moving on from the Hellmouth but still leaving things open enough for future stories that would be perfect. Basically what i mean is it is starting to feel like this is where it was meant to end. In lots of ways if i was to continue fighting it would only be to spite Jordan Levin and not because i truly thought we needed another season.

Which leads me to my second reason. Say we succeed and Angel moves to UPN for two more years. The fan community quiten down and when the end comes again everyone is satisfied that this was Joss’ choice so no big campaign to try get it renewed. We accept it and it ends like Buffy’s show did. What then though? If ratings don’t go through the roof, or worse start to drop because maybe Angel season six isn’t greeted well by the fans (happened with Buffy!) what are the chances of the next slayerverse show happening? Very slim!

I believe that we should use the current media coverage to ensure the next spinoff happens, be it Spike, Faith, Willow or a totally new lead character. There is MUCH more chance a network will take a chance on a new show than one that only has a couple more years at best to it. Do you honestly think DB wants to play Angel for much longer?

I really would prefer five years of another show and movie’s covering Buffy and Angel to one or two more years of Angel the Series with the strong chance that that would be all we got. Let’s do whats best for the Slayerverse. Let Angel end with it’s best season ever and get the new show on the air! Anyone with me?"

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  • Yeah, I thought I wanna gonna hate this article. but I do understand what you mean.

    Personally I think that now Cordy is gone it would be wrong to have another series, but I really don’t see another slayerverse show starting anytime soon...

  • yeah, i agree with you!

    this article makes some very good points...

  • Although what you say makes sense, I for one don’t want Angel to end. Angel, as was Buffy, were the main characters, and when you start making spin-offs off of less major characters, that is when the interest starts to wain. I know it would for me as a spin-off with, say, Faith would not draw my interest as her character is one I enjoyed as a supporting character but cannot see a spin-off totally about her. ANGEL I know and want more stories about him.
  • See if it really had been the best season ever of Angel I’d agree but really it’s been a watered down suck up to the network season even though they still ended up cancelling. Personally I’d have preferred to see them go out at the end of 4 rather than end now. It’s got better as the season has gone on but it’s lost its edge. Lost the thing that kept me watching each week wondering what was going to happen. I still watch but more out of loyalty than because I’m enjoying it. Having said all of that it still beats most things on television even though it’s my least favourite season.

    The fact is that not all of us are interested in a Willow, Spike or Faith spin off. We’ve seen how badly spin offs get treated and really do we want to go through all that again? Plus Angel is a VERY different show to Buffy; there are actually some of us who started off watching Angel rather than Buffy. The dark edge and the fact that the story arc takes you along with the characters and the intimate setting were fundamental to the show. We’ve lost that and it shows, what we have is still entertaining, amusing even, but it doesn’t come close to the other seasons in terms of quality. Yes I know I’m probably going to take some flack for that, but that’s my opinion and we are all entitled to it. I know that there is better to come, being in the UK we’re behind the US but I would still like that one last blast to send them out with a bang, and you really need more than four episodes to do that. TheWB should have had the balls to tell them it was the last season from the start then we could have ditched W&H and had something that would have left us all sad, but satisfied.

  • ahh i agree, move on and lets get a new show. not faith though cuz i think that would just be buffy part 2. if they want a show about a slayer they shouldnt have ended buffy. spike would be the best, but willow would be cool as well.
  • In alot of ways I agree with you. Although I don’t feel Angel seasons 6 or 7 could ever be so wretched as their Buffy counterparts, there’s something to be said about beating the undead horse. That said I really don’t agree with you on your take on this season, while I feel it’s lost the charm and intimacy of the first 3 seasons; I find it far superior to season 4 and the change in venue and tone have really freshened the series up. While I miss Cordy its great to see Harmony again and even as a big Spike fan I definetly had my reservations about bringing him over. However the staff has done a good job of working him in to the stories and giving him his own place on the team. My only worry would be who would lead the spin-off. Faith or Spike might seem likely but I’m not sure I’d really enjoy watching them as lead characters. I find they are at their best when challenging the rest of the characters in a show. I honestly have no interest at all in watching a Willow lead series...much like Cordy I believe her arc is finished and there really isn’t alot to be seen except the girl on girl action. As much as I’ve missed Oz, I seriously doubt he could carry his own show. The only two characters we really have to consider then are Wesley or Giles. Both concepts I would definetly watch but I’m not too sure about the rest of the fan base. Perhaps it would be best to start off a new series in the same universe but with all unknown characters. All I know is that come May I definetly won’t be rollin in puppies.
  • Well im gonna agree angel Should have ended at season 4, and for the same reason Buffy should have ended season 5. Dont get me wrong i am a MAJORLY obseesed fan but honestly, plot lines.

     Angel finaly getting inside W&H.

     Buffy sacrificing her self to save the world

    the whole of the season 6 7 Buffy were awsosome but the end really sucked

    As for angel looks the the same fate is in for the ending.

    And also you really cares if buffy comes back for the finally , which she is not, or so i read. if anything they should end it with no characater sunneydale aluni comming back.im only thinking about what is pratical.

    that’s about all i have to say

    peace love and bullet proof marmellows


  • I have long thought that its high time they gave Spike his own series. With James Marsters acting talent and the three dimensional character of Spike I think it would be a sure winner that could encompass the best qualities of both shows.
  • > End Of Angel Series Is A Good Thing - Kaine’s Review

    4 April 2004 22:26, by sicklittlemonky

    First of all, I’m sick of all this slack for Buffy Seasons 6 & 7. While I agree they were missing some of the magic of earlier years, there was brilliant acting, writing, stunt-work, not to mention singing that cannot be ignored. I think people wanted the show to end because they didn’t want to see the characters grow up. Season 7 was pivotal to Willow’s character, as well as Buffy, Spike and Giles. Xander unfortunately got a little left behind, but he did alot of growing up in Season 6, not to mention saving the world!! I have faith in Joss and Mutant Enemy, and that they know what is best for our beloved Buffy-verse.

    That said, I must agree that this season of Angel may be a good time to walk away, but I cannot support the argument that it should have ended last year. I needed to see Cordy’s death to gain closure, and I would never have been happy if Fred and Wesley didn’t get together, no matter how briefly. Watching Fred die was the most heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever seen!! And Cordy and Angel kissing, FINALLY, was something I would never give up!! While I don’t always agree with the directions the show takes, I know Joss has a plan, and I believe that by the end of this season, true fans will be less angry at the loss and happy for the conclusion.

  • > End Of Angel Series Is A Good Thing - Kaine’s Review

    5 April 2004 01:02, by Chaos Incarnate

    Personally, I think this opinion is a load of crap. Let’s sacrifice Angel, which has good ratings, an excellent storyline, critical appeal and a devoted fanbase so we might get a spin-off based on other characters?

    Just let me say, NO!

    I love THIS show.

    I’m not doing this so Spike and Faith can have their own show. I’m doing this because Angel is the best show on TV and deserves another season.

    The ridiculous logic that MAYBE ratings might go down, therefore it should be cancelled, astounds me.

    Why not just say what it is you want, without the baloney? You’re not a fan of Angel, you want another character to have a show and you’d like the rest of us to spend our time and energy supporting that agenda for you.

    No thanks.

  • > End Of Angel Series Is A Good Thing - Kaine’s Review

    5 April 2004 04:33, by >?the charmed citlali

    Your article does put things into perpective and I applaud you for that. Personally, I think this season has been truely one of the best so far (if not the best) and the way it’s been going, a sixth season would’ve most likely been utterly spectacular.

    But yes, W&H has been the big bad Angel’s been battling since day one. And if this season is gonna be the last, then I wanna see Angel and the Fang Gang take them down.

    I don’t think that the Slayerverse is completely done with after ANGEL ends. I’d love to see another spin-off series, that certainly has merit. And if Joss and Co. are in any way involved, then it’s sure to be brilliance.

    I have faith in Joss and his staff. This season’ll end with a bang and we, the fans, will be both content and unsatisfied...

  • Arg - This is what’s going to spell Death (in large letters D*E*A*T*H*) to Angel!

    This year as been THE best ever, watching this season, it’s like a new beginning.

    Spike and the new format have breathed life into the show and given it a renewed vigor I’ve not seen since the first season.

    SAVE ANGEL! And let the success of this show help any future spin-offs get off the ground.

    The quality of writing and actors is a joy to watch.

    Angel as a muppet? The Harmoney episode - CLASSIC Joss/BuffVerse! Go Angel! (May he stay dead and kicking for many years to come).