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Equality Now thanks Browncoats


Tuesday 13 December 2005, by Webmaster

On behalf of Equality Now, I am writing to say a huge THANKS to all of you for supporting our work to end violence and discrimination against women around the world!! Jessica and I had a great time at the Flanvention last weekend - your enthusiasm and generosity are deeply touching. As Equality Now is an organization that believes that anyone anywhere can do something to help, we are very aware of the power of individuals coming together to work for a common goal. Your power is staggering! We hope that some day the dream of equality will be as real for all of us as it is in Buffy and in Firefly, and all of you give us great hope that this day will come. Special thanks to the cast for all their generosity, and special thanks to Nathan and Joss for believing in our work and encouraging you to support it. There are many ways you can help in addition to giving us much needed funding - check out our website at www.equalitynow.org. Love to all of you from Jessica and the rest of the staff of Equality Now.