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Buffy Animated

Eric Wright About Buffy Animated Future

Thursday 10 February 2005, by Webmaster

As a huge Buffy fan, can you tell me what the cartoon’s current status is?

It’s frustrating. It’s probably the biggest heartbreak that I’ve had, because it’s such an amazing show. The scripts that were written for the cartoon were written by Steve DeKnight and Joss (Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Jane Espenson wrote one of the funniest scripts I’ve ever read in my life. And they’re not getting made.

It just kills me that it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s such a hard thing, because Buffy is so ... it breaks all boundaries of entertainment, you know? The peg doesn’t quite fit into one shaped hole. Networks think they knew what to do with it in the beginning, and now, even though it’s a success, they don’t know what to do with the cartoon. "Is it a cartoon for kids? Is it for adults? Should it be in primetime? Should it be Saturday morning?"

I started working on it back in season four (of the live-action Buffy). I was hired and laid off, like, six times. ... The last thing I did - last year, I guess - we did a four-minute pilot.

But, you know, I’ve worked on so many like this. You just kind of get used to the weird politics and the weird, for the lack of a better term, pissing contest that happens when everyone’s trying to get a piece of the action. For all the crap that’s on television, there are so many great things that fall by the wayside because of all the politicking that goes on.

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