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FX Guy Says SERENITY Sequel Possible, But FIREFLY Return Not as Likely

Tuesday 12 July 2005, by Webmaster

One of the guests at the Shore Leave Convention this weekend was Lee Stringer. Stringer, who has worked on the CG effects for such shows as ENTERPRISE, FIREFLY and the new BATTERSTAR GALACTICA.

Our scooper asked him about FIREFLY possibly returning to television and this is what Stringer had to say:

I asked him if there was any truth to the rumor that based on the Firefly DVD sales and how the movie Serenity does, if Firefly may get brought back to TV, similiar to what happened to Family Guy. His response was, "Well, I think Joss feels that he has already done TV and been successful. He has his sights set on Movies right now. I think depending on how well the movie does and is received that he would like to do a follow up movie (sequel). Now, Universal owns the rights to Firefly and they also own Sci-Fi. As you may know Sci-Fi will be running the original episodes of the TV series soon, if they are not already. You guys don’t really realize how much your feedback matters. Writing the companies doesn’t always work, but if the series does well and folks make noise, it does make an impact. Sci-Fi could very easily call up Universal and ask for new episodes to the series. The only question in that case would be if Joss would be as involved in the series as he was before. So, no, there are no plans that I know of for it to come back as a TV series, but I could certainly see something like that happen.