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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Faith & Spike Spinoffs - Moviehole.net Users Discussions

Saturday 30 April 2005, by Webmaster

Moviehole discusses the Faith and Spike Spin Off possibility. Do you agree to the opinions held in this discussion?

About Spike, and Angel...I think I’d like to see Spike made human, (or bewitched with a spell so he looks more human) so he can get older-seeing as James Marsters isn’t going to stop getting older if he keeps breathing. Id also like to see (or maybe just hear, like Charlie, in Charlie’s Angels) more of Andy Hallett, green or not...I miss Lorne/the Host on Angel. If we just hear him, like Charlie-he could still be Lorne...just not green. 0 hours in make-up. WB, what do you think? I’d watch. Terri

Well,.. WB?

Hi! I was wondering if you had any information or could comment on the following. As I understand it, Eliza Dushku decided to do “Tru Calling” instead of the Faith spin-off so she could try a different character. Since “Tru Calling” has been cancelled, has there been any renewed talk of the Faith spin-off? There didn’t seem to be any bad blood between her and Joss Whedon regarding her decision to do “Tru Calling”, as I understood it, so what would be stopping this? It would have no effect on any Spike-centric projects, as the Faith spin-off was rumoured not to include any other Buffyverse characters. Although Eliza Dushku and James Marsters together in a spin-off ... pure heaven! Anything? Even wild speculation would be appreciated, if it keeps my hopes alive! Mac


Funnily enough, and despite the fact that, yep, “Tru Calling” is gone; there’s been no chat about the “Faith” spin-off. I think Joss has gone and got himself busier than a Mr Whippy at the beach - what with “Serenity” and “Wonder Woman” - so don’t count on him having the time to organize said spin-off. It’s still a good idea though...here’s my fingers crossing for you. Cling.

Hey, I just gotta say, I am a HUGE fan of the entire “Buffy” series, but I hate the character of Spike, and cannot believe that is the only possibility of a spin-off whether it be a movie or not. I never cared much for the Angel series, but once they put Spike on that show I never watched it again. I know I am in the minority, but I just don’t get how people like such a dull character, when in fact what made his character was the other characters in the show. Is there any news on the Buffy animated series? I’d rather see that then a Spike movie Thanks Mike

Mike, You’re the first blondie basher we’ve had. I think the fans still outweigh you.....I dunno, maybe we could set up a jelly wrestling competition? As for the animated “Buffy” series - it’s a goer. [A couple of people have asked me to expand....yes, the show is being made, but as for whether it’s going to get a run....who knows. We need a network to pick it up. Tony Head recently said : "...it IS being made and the scripts are really, really good." Here’s crossing everything that a network picks it up soon or, at the very least, it gets a DVD outing.]

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  • Spike is the character to explore. As for concerns that Mr. Marsters will age beyond the character (including his own worries), make age the price Spike pays for regaining his soul. There were always repercusions for the mojo on BtVS. ’Sides, the man is aging quite well.