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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

Sunday 2 January 2005, by Webmaster

The New Watcher’s Guide revealed that Faith’s last name is Lehane.

I’m not sure if Joss had anything to do with this decision but from now on all comics, novels, and other future projects having to do with Buffy and more specifically Faith will use the surname Lehane if necessary.

And here’s what Joss Whedon had to say about it today:

There was this role playing game or something. They said she hadda have a last name for her so I chose Lehane ’cause I wanted something southie, just as you thought. So if you hate the name. oops.

And it’s Rogue Waladarsky. In full.

joss | January 02, 01:23 CET

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  • > Faith Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    2 January 2005 14:41, by Anonymous
    OMG! When I sasw this link on the homepage, I just thought, OMG!
  • > Faith Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    2 January 2005 18:41, by Anonymous

    I think it sucks that an RPG company is almost dictating what should be in the Buffyverse.

    By this reasoning Kendra, Kennedy, William and Liam and several others should all have last names.

    It destroys her mystique. I hope this isn’t real.

    and oh yeah...Lehane?

  • > Faith Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    2 January 2005 20:56, by Anonymous
    I like it. It was Joss who decided on the name.
  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    3 January 2005 06:53, by Anonymous
    Isn’t Faith from Boston? Should Lehane sound southie? It’s a perfectly acceptable last name, but geographically speaking it doesn’t make sense. And keep in mind folks, in the much older Star Wars universe, it’s been the licensees who have established a lot of the background in that universe. At least here Joss said yes that’s the name, unlike George Lucas who changes things on a whim and then still cashes in the big fat checks....
  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    3 January 2005 18:23, by Anonymous
    Does anyone REALLY KNOW how to pronounce it? Do you know anyone with this name? I’ve found about 5 different ways on the net. Each family has their own way.
  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    4 January 2005 06:58, by Anonymous
    If it’s french it’s : Lea-hann. If it’s english it’s : Lee-hann-ee
  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    4 January 2005 21:32, by Anonymous

    It’s an anglicized variant form of the Irish surname O’Laithain or O’Laighean. O’Laighean is derived from Laigh which comes from the word laoch which means hero or warrior. O’Liathain is derived from liath which means grey. I think the second one fits Faith better in meaning; she’s a warrior of course, but her role on the show was always as a grey area, the dark side of being a slayer.

    Though I don’t think it was necessary to give her a surname, She’ll always be just Faith to me.

  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    5 January 2005 19:49, by Anonymous

    Mariah, Faith IS from Boston. She was based in Boston as a slayer, in Buffy books it is mentioned shes from Boston and she has a Boston accent. Why cast someone who sounds like shes from Boston when shes ment to be from the south? and i like Lehane. weird but not totally exotic like they just wanted to give her an unusual name.


  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    6 January 2005 18:31, by Paul
    "Southie" is short for South Boston, which is part of Boston, Massachusettes. This part of town has a heavy Irish population and some pretty rough neighborhoods scattered throughout. (See the beginning of "Good Will Hunting" for a clue, got my own stories too, but won’t get into them here) Remember her fighting vamps naked story? The perfect origin place for Faith. Eliza is from nearby Watertown, Mass. and like any regional accent, "Boston" accents range from subtle to comical. Eliza\Faith falls toward the subtle side to my ear.
  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    12 January 2005 05:07, by K
    Actually, if you listen to the Chosen commentary Joss says the he got the lines "Mad Skills" from Eliza herself... and in a commentary for a Tru Calling episode Eliza uses the words Mad Skills again, so that was ED not Joss :)
  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    28 January 2005 15:17, by Dude (don’t call me that)
    Faith Wilkins. Wouldn’t that have been better? Maybe a whole new debate would have ensued... Or Faith Tyler (or Faith Perry). From Boston, right? (Faith’s Mom maybe a very young Aerosmith fan, and one night after a concert and snowstorm she met... (could maybe have gotten Liv or Aerosmith to play the Bronze). I bet they’d even write a new song... (still could y’know)

    See online : Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed!

  • > Faith’s Last Name Has Been Revealed !

    1 February 2005 19:02, by Anonymous

    It’s a bit of a ’tribute’ to Mystic River author Dennis Lehane.

    (Of course, that’s kind of like if she was from Maine and Joss decided her last name was ’King’...)