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Falling ’Angel’ hopes for turn for the better

Friday 9 May 2003, by Webmaster

For the past seven seasons, David Boreanaz has been happily employed as the sexy, soulful vampire Angel, first on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then on its undersung WB spinoff Angel. Though he has a guest appearance coming up on the last two episodes of Buffy, his angelic star turn may end Wednesday (9 ET/PT) as Angel airs its season and possibly its series finale. (Related item: Take a peek at the season finale of Angel.)

To forestall that stake through Angel’s heart - and persuade WB to pick the show up for a fifth season - producers Joss Whedon and Tim Minear have come up with an episode that takes the series in a new direction. For four years, Angel and his friends have fought against the supernatural law firm Wolfram & Hart. Now, Wolfram’s evil powers-that-be are offering to turn the firm and its resources over to Angel.

Angel has his doubts about the arrangement, but Boreanaz is thrilled. "I’m very pleased. It’s opened up each character and swung the show 180 degrees. ... We totally get to mix things up."

The hope is that the change will help the show build upon its smallish but loyal cult fan base. The redesigned series would still have continuing story arcs, but Boreanaz says it will have less of the "thick exposition" that marked this season’s often complicated plot.

As a bonus, with Buffy exiting on May 20, a renewed Angel should attract the bulk of its viewers. "There’s only one place for those fans to go," Boreanaz reasons.

Luckily for Boreanaz, he has a place to go as well should Angel disappear. In June, he starts shooting the latest sequel to The Crow, which also stars Dennis Hopper. "He’s a huge idol of mine. ... It’s going to be bitchin.’ "

Boreanaz remains cautiously optimistic that the show will return. The season finale alone, he says, will be enough to convince WB that it should renew the show.

And if Angel is canceled? Says Boreanaz: ’I’m really proud of what the crew and the writers and the cast have done. If I were to walk away now, I’d be happy with that."