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’Family Guy’ Rises from the Dead

Wednesday 31 March 2004, by cally

’Family Guy’ Rises from the Dead (Monday, March 29 02:36 PM)

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Fueled by DVD sales and strong ratings for its reruns, the animated series "Family Guy" is going back into production — more than two years after the last original episode aired. FOX, which had the series originally, has an option to air the episodes first; the Cartoon Network, the show’s current home, will also air them. The new episodes — at least 22 will be produced — will be ready by spring 2005.

"I’m just incredibly excited that we’re back in business on ’Family Guy,’" creator Seth MacFarlane says in a statement. "Now all those crazy kids who’ve been hounding me to bring the show back can stop bothering me and move onto more serious matters — like saving ’Coupling.’"

The resurrection of "Family Guy," which was never a hit on FOX and last aired an original episode in February 2002, owes a lot to fan reaction in the show’s afterlife. The DVD compilation of seasons 1 and 2 of the show was the top-selling TV title on DVD last year; that and the more recent third-season DVD set have sold more than 2 million copies combined. It has also become a hit in Cartoon Network’s "Adult Swim" late-night lineup, often beating CBS’ "Late Show" and NBC’s "Tonight Show" among young males.

"This is incredibly exciting for everyone at Fox," says Gary Newman, president of 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the series. "The overwhelming response to ’Family Guy’ this past year is a real tribute to Seth’s vision and talent. ... We’re thrilled for Seth, we’re thrilled for his fans, and to be honest we’re thrilled for our teenage kids who threatened to emancipate themselves if we didn’t figure out a way to bring the show back."

"Family Guy" bounced around the FOX schedule numerous times in its three-year run. In its final season, airing opposite "Friends" and "Survivor" on Thursday nights, it averaged 4.7 million viewers. (The current occupant of that spot for FOX, "Tru Calling," brings in 4.4 million viewers.)

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