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From Savingangel.org


Worldwide Saving ANGEL Online Rally

Wednesday 31 March 2004, by cally

WELCOME to the Worldwide Saving ANGEL Online Rally 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. March 31, 2004

Thanks for your interest! The first thing we ask is this: if you are in the LA area, PLEASE go to the live Rally at the WB Ranch if it is at all possible for you to do so. It is vitally important that we make a strong showing at the live Rally. The Online Rally is intended for fans who have no way of getting to the live Rally, not as an alternative for people who have the option of going to the WB Ranch. Thank you.

Your participation in The Worldwide Saving ANGEL Rally is key to showing the networks and the media the scope of support out there for ANGEL’s continuation. You can help us make the impact we need by visiting every forum on the list below and leaving a politely worded message regarding ANGEL. This is a focused campaign with a specific goal. When you post at the network forums be polite and concise. The last stop on the Online Rally will take you to a board where you can express yourself more freely.

The Worldwide Saving ANGEL Rally is a rolling rally starting out in the Far East and working its way around the world. Please participate between 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on March 31 in your time zone. However, if you have conflicting obligations, we don’t mind if you come to the rally early or leave late. The Online Rally will kick off at 6:00 a.m. Wednesday, March 31st, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Once you’ve posted in the designated forums, the next tasks for Rally-goers will be to participate in some of our other campaigns: send a message to that day’s e-mail target; send postcards to this week’s designated recipients; donate to the WB Board’s Food Drive to save the show; and, if you can, buy a beanie babie for WB executive Garth Ancier. Links are below. Your final task is to join the online party with other fans in the World Wide Online Saving Angel Rally forum.

Check back with us daily for the latest updates and details!

Here’s the list of things to do in order to support the efforts to Save The Show. If you can’t do each and every one of them, do as many as you possibly can.

Post at the WB ANGEL forum. You’ll need to sign in with your AOL, AIM or Netscape screen name, or set up an account. Look for the "Worldwide Saving Angel Online Rally" thread and leave a polite message why the WB should reconsider canceling the show. A strong showing will give the WB suits an idea of how many fans are willing to fight to keep it on the air, and possibly make them rethink their decision. The WB board fans are a great bunch of folks who’ve been mounting campaigns to save the show, as well. They’re looking forward to your visit.

Post at the FOX forum in the "Online Rally: Bring ANGEL to FOX" thread. As with the WB board, you will need to register. Leave a polite message as to why the network should consider acquiring the show. Here we’re targeting a network that might consider picking up the series if they believe there’s enough interest. Fans in this forum have already posted about their desire to see the show move to FOX, so, again, we can be assured of a warm reception.

Post at the TNT forums in the "Online Rally: Bring ANGEL’s 6th season to TNT" thread. Your AOL, AIM or Netscape screen name will work in this forum, or you can register a new account. Leave a polite message encouraging TNT to consider giving ANGEL a home for its sixth season and beyond. TNT shows ANGEL in syndication, and has been pleased with how well its done. Let’s convince them acquiring first-run eps will be even better. Again, fans have already been talking about save the show efforts, so will probably be receptive to a stream of polite visitors trying to work on those efforts.

At jumptheshark.com, vote to say that Angel "Never Jumped" the shark. You don’t have to register, just click on the "vote" option on the left of the page and select "Angel" from the list of shows. You can either fill out a form or send an e-mail. This is a really cool site, and you may want to browse and read comments about other shows you enjoy. ANGEL already has a respectable number of overall votes. A strong "Never Jumped the Shark" showing will move it into a select list...and enough votes will give us more grist for the media mill.

Donate to the Food Drive campaign for ANGEL. The WB Board fans have organized a Food Drive campaign which is raising an awesome amount of money to be donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank. Each dollar donated helps the Los Angeles Food Bank distribute $12 worth of food to needy families, so even the most modest donation can do wonderful things.. A large number of donations during the Worldwide Saving Angel Online Rally will not only make quite a statement, but have a positive impact on may people’s lives.

Check the savingangel site for the new email targets and send a message.

Check the savingangel site for our postcard targets and write out postcards. You’ll find options on our campaign page for postcards that can be filled out online if you’re willing to set up an account with the United States Postal Service. That might be particularly useful for those outside of the U.S.

Come back to the Worldwide Saving Angel Rally board and share your experiences. Get to know other Angel fans from around the world. Feel free to complain about the networks and their decisions. Just use ordinary netiquette when you post. Tell us your thoughts and feelings about the show, its impact on your life, and how the cancellation affects you. This is more than just a gripe session. The more hits the Forum takes, the better it will be for the press release we’ll send out to report the results of the campaign.

Call your local WB affiliate. If you live in an area where ANGEL is on hiatus on your local WB affiliate, call them during the time the show would normally air to let them know that you aren’t watching their network because ANGEL isn’t on for you to watch.

Optional: Donate to the Beanie Baby Campaign. Today is the last day of the Campaign to send Beanie Babies to Garth Ancier of the WB. This is another campaign from the folks at the WB Boards, and they’ve taken great care to ensure that the messages sent with the toys will get through. Your order MUST be made by 11:59 P.M. CST on March 31, (9:59 P.M. PST and 12.59 A.M. on April 1st EST) and you must pay with a credit or debit card. The prices range from a modest $2.25 on up, and the toys themselves will end up benefiting a children’s hospital. Follow directions listed at the site for free shipping and handling for the campaign. We hope the Worldwide Saving Angel Online Rally will be a fun and positive experience for all concerned, as well as one which will send a powerful message to the networks and the media about the fight for quality television in general, and the need to save ANGEL in particular.

Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation and participation!

The Saving Angel Team www.savingangel.org and www.savingangel.com