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Fan reporting in on 2007 Creation Firefly/Serenity Convention


Sunday 28 October 2007, by Webmaster

Well, I just got back from the sat evening dessert meet and greet. It was an amazing day. Lots to do, Moreana was on stage first, she did mostly Q&A, she has two independant films we hope see the light of day soon. I only remember the name of one, the one she cut her hair for. "Death in love". didn’t get specifics about plot. Yan Feldman was there"Mingo" his brother couldn’t make it on the account of marrage. Sorry for any misspelling but I don’t have a dictionary in the hotel room, youd think they could get some in the drawers with the bibles. Alan was the last on stage, he was rocking the place, with each person who asked a question he would pull out a pack of the Serenity trading cards and sign the pack and give it to the questioner. Well he gets this phone call on stage and he’s all "I gotta take this" Turns out its Nathan on the other line giving him crap about "it was Nathan who told me there was a sequal". Alan calls Nathan a lier (in a nice playful way) and Nathan says"why don’t you say that to my face" and then procedes to come out from backstage. Hillarity followed lots of it. After a while the backstage curtain slips open and Morena’s dog Roddy the rebound (if not roddy than something equally r sounding) jumps on the stage and gives Nathan a vigorous licking as Morena follows him onto the stage, more hillarity and family reunion followed. Elsewhere I spent a LOT of money on Jason Palmer artwork, This guy is amazing. I bought a couple of things from him earlier at the grand slam con. The purchise is for a set of prints that include each crewmember, the operative and of Serenity herself. I added a print of Yo-Saf-Bridge, and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) I’ll ad a link to his website later. This evening the Gold seating(those of us that spent quite a bit more) got together for an ice cream social, where the stars of the day come in and scmoose with the fans going from table to table. Also gets us a chance to meet each other and see what we looklike when we’re not here fff.n Well its late and I gotta get up early to have breakfast with Summer and Sean (the gold thing again) I’ll report tomorrow night.