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Fans of Joss Whedon Unite in Support of Public Libraries

Tuesday 25 April 2006, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon fans, in conjunction with the Whedonverse Mulitmedia Project, provide DVDs, books, and comics to libraries and various charitable organizations all over the world.

(PRWEB) April 25, 2006 - Over a weekend when many Americans were finishing up their income taxes, the Whedonverse Multimedia Project launched a successful fundraising campaign that generated enough financial support from fans to fund a complete set of DVDs for 3 libraries: the Salisbury TAFE Library in South Australia, the Grand Prairie Public Library in Hazel Crest, Illinois and the Hays Public Library in Hays, Kansas.

The goal of the Whedonverse Multimedia Project is simple: bring the Joss Whedon created worlds of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", "Firefly" and "Serenity" to those who may not have yet discovered them.

The Project accomplishes this task by donating boxed sets of the shows on DVD to public libraries, military units, and charitable organizations. In addition, the Project encourages fans to donate Whedon-related DVDs, books, and comics own their own directly to non-profit organizations of their choosing.

Several libraries have signed up to be on the Whedonverse Multimedia Project’s waiting list so that these DVDs could be added to their collections.

Since its inception in May 2004, 211 DVDs have been donated by the Project to 16 public libraries and 3 military units. In addition, fans have independently contributed 85 DVDs and 55 books directly to 26 libraries, 2 non-profits, and 1 military base.

It is hoped that the recent strong showing of support will continue on behalf of the remaining libraries on the Project’s list: the Ramapo Catskill Library in New York, the Santa Monica Public Library in California, and the Cookeville Public Library in Tennessee.

To learn more about the Whedonverse Multimedia Project and how you can help, please visit http://www.whedonverse.org